Sweet Talk with Mish Pattinson Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Sweet Talk with Mish Pattinson
with Mish Pattinson
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1. Sweet Talk with Mish Pattinson

David delves deep into Mish’s background, exploring her early inspirations, her biggest influences, and the defining moments that have shaped her ‘cake career’.

Welcome to Sweet Talk, where we satisfy our appetite for interesting conversations with fascinating people from the cake world. This week, our host David Brice is joined by Mish Pattinson, a talented cake artist who has made a name for herself in the industry with her unique and eye-catching designs.

Mish Pattinson

Mish Pattinson

Based in West Yorkshire, Mish from VS Cakes is a full time IT consultant with a cake hobby on steroids! She is also a self confessed cake productaholic. Mish got into cake decorating as she didn’t want to suffer empty nest syndrome when her rugby playing son left home to go to university. She decided she need a hobby to keep her busy and booked her self on a cupcake course at Fair Cake in London. This was very quickly followed with a cake course with Paul Bradford where she completely fell in love with cake art Since then she has won multiple cake awards including golds and a very well deserved Best in Class at Cake International. She has recorded tutorials for CakeFlix, written for cake magazines, and has participated in multiple features and collaborations. She is also responsible for creating and organising the Cake International features Wedding Gowns Through the Ages (2017) and Weddings 2 - The Posh Frock Shop (2019), both of which were stunning and very well received by the Cake Community. Mish is also known for her Cake Shed in the garden. This is filled to the brim with cake products and all things Duck Egg Blue. The shed has recently been turned into a mini filming studio. This is where she films her tutorials and Facebook lives.
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