The Tank Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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The Tank
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 13
Decorating time: 5hrs approx
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1. Carving the Tank Shape

In this lesson pauls sets about carving the shape of the tank.

Paul makes sure he uses as much of the cake as possible and adapts the design throughout the lesson with this in mind.


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2. Ganaching the Cake - Part 1

In this lesson paul shows you how to get nice smooth ganache on all sides of the tank.


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3. Ganaching the Cake - Part 2

After refrigeration to harden up the soft ganache from the previous lesson, Paul trims off the excess ganache and makes the finish nice and smooth with hot water and a pastry brush.


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4. Icing the Cake - Part 1

Icing these kind of shapes can be quite a tricky task. In this lesson Paul thinks on his feet to solve problems and get the bottom of the tank cake iced with a good finish.


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5. Icing the Cake - Part 2

Paul moves on to icing the top sections of the tank which now is moving towards a desert camouflage look that’s good enough to eat!


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6. Wheels and Tracks

Lesson 6 is all about the wheels and tracks on the tank, you can really start to see the tank coming together now and the Paul shows some neat details can really look the business!


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7. Adding the Details

Paul gives some nice ideas for extra details on the tank cake in this lesson.

This allows you to add a realistic yet highly personalised look to the tank cake that sets it apart from the rest.


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8. Top Section & Turret

Paul shows how to attach the top section piece of the cake and adding the extra details to this, there is also the challenge of making the turret and making it that perfect length!


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9. Dusting the Tank

Paul gives some nice tips in this lesson in regards to shading and adding an element of realism to the cake.


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10. Finishing the Turret

Once the turret has dried out, Paul shows some nice ideas to finish it off so it really looks the part.


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11. Dusting the Board

Paul adds a very realistic sand look sugar mixture to the cake board to really give this tank that ‘Desert Storm’ look.. or should that be ‘Dessert Storm’


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12. Other Ideas

Paul talks about some other possible ideas, and maybe some slightly whacky ones too.


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13. Pro Course

We’re hoping this one will find it’s way into many shop windows. In the pro lesson Paul covers the costs and business aspects of this cake.


The Tank Cake is finally rolling into town! This has been a popular request for a long time now so Paul wanted to make sure his Tank cake, was the best Tank cake.

We have 12 video cake decorating lessons in this step-by-step guide from Paul, covering everything from carving the Tank through to those all important finishing touches that really make this cake special.

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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