Tractor Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Advanced Cake Decorating | CakeFlix - Skill Level Courses
HD Lessons: 13
Decorating time: 12 hrs approx
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1. Carving the Tractor Shape

This 3D tractor cake really looks complicated, but the carving of the basic shape is really quite simple when paul talks you through it.
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2. Stacking the Tractor and Ganaching

Using a generous helping of yummy white chocolate ganache, Paul prepares the cake for the icing.
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3. Ganaching the Tractor

Paul shows the methods involved when covering the Tractor in ganache to prepare the cake ready for the Icing stage.
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4. Icing the tractor

Probably the trickiest part of this particular cake is the icing, mainly due to the tractor being a mix of sharp angles and curves. In this lesson Paul breaks the icing techniques down in an easy to follow step by step.
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5. Making the Tractor Wheels

In this lesson Paul shows you how to make the tractor wheels using some simple techniques with sugarpaste.
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6. Wheels & Painting the Windows

In lesson 6, Paul teaches you how to finish off the wheels with some great looking details and also how to paint the windows of the tractor cab.
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7. Icing the Bonnet

This part was a little bit tricky and Paul makes a bit of a mistake, but we like to keep those bits in to show you how fix the problem and why not to panic when the unexpected happens. After all we’re only human!
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8. Making the Front Grill

Getting this part right really brings the cake to life and gives it that authentic tractor look! It’s not too difficult either.
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9. Adding the Bonnet Detail

Adding those little details to the bonnet of the tractor makes a lot of different and its all pretty simple but highly effective.
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10. Icing the Board & Attaching the Wheels

The tractor cake really comes together as soon as you pop the wheels on and add the grass like surface to the cake board.
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11. Adding the Finishing Details

Here Paul talks you through the little details on the cake such as the indicators, exhaust and registration plate.
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12. Ribbon and Spraying

Paul picks out a ribbon and give the cake a glaze for that new tractor look!
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13. Pro Course

For the Pro Members course, Paul talks us through the costings of the cake, the price to aim for when selling and also some neat ideas of where and how to market this type of cake.
This is a great cake for, well…anyone who likes tractors! At one point in the course Paul even mention he used to collect toy tractors as a child, so it looks like he’s included in the category of tractor lovers!

This cake has regularly been requested by our members, so it’s a popular novelty cake and well worth learning to make whether it’s for a birthday of someone close or just to add to the repertoire of designs you can offer your customers when making cakes to sell.

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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