Making and using buttercream Baking and Decorating Tutorial

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Making and using buttercream
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Easy
HD Lessons: 8
Decorating time: Varies on design
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1. Using Buttercream - Introduction to buttercream

In this free cake tutorial, Paul gives you an introduction on how to use buttercream.

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2. Using Buttercream - Making Buttercream

Paul shows you how to make your own buttercream for use.

Ingredients required are:
500g (1 lb 1.6oz) Unsalted butter
1 Kg (2 lbs 3.2oz) Icing sugar

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3. Using Buttercream - Giving Buttercream More Structure

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4. Using Buttercream - Colouring buttercream

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5. Using Buttercream - Flavoring Buttercream

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6. Using Buttercream - Luxury Chocolate Buttercream

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7. Using Buttercream - Covering a Cake in Buttercream

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8. Using Buttercream - Icing Over Buttercream

Learn how to use buttercream

It's vital for any cake maker to know how to use buttercream for decorating a cake.Buttercream is very popular in cake decorating and is often used to replace ganache.

In this free cake decorating tutorial, Paul gives you his take on buttercream as well as everything you need to know about using buttercream in your cake decorating.

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