Westie Terrier Dog Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Westie Terrier Dog
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 13
Decorating time: 4-5 Hours
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1. Planning the Cake

Having not made a Westie Dog for a very long time Paul talks through his thought process in designing the cake before getting started.


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2. Carving the Cake

Here you will learn how to take the design concept through to carving the shapes required to make the Westie Dog. You will learn how to make decisions during the carving process and by following Paul’s thought process this will help develop your own methods for creating carved cakes for designs that are new to you. Note that in this lesson Paul cuts out the feet for the dog, however he later decides not to use them as he goes through the design as the cake unfolds.

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3. Ganaching

This is a tall cake which requires a more unusual approach to stacking. You will be shown how to stack a tall awkward shape then adding the head, which is larger than than the neck which can be awkward. The ganache acts as a glue here which helps greatly with stability but its also important to know where and how to use the dowels.

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4. Sculpting the Legs

In preparation for covering the cake, Paul creates moulds for the legs from sugarpaste.

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5. Icing the Dog

There are plenty of hints and tips in this lesson to help covering unusual shapes. There are two parts; covering the body then covering the head, Paul will help you learn how to merge the two together.

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6. Icing the Board

There are a number of options and the colours used would depend on the overall effect. Paul chooses a wood effect pattern finished with a checked ribbon.

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7. Transferring the Cake

This is often the tricky bit, especially with a high centre of gravity cake. Just follow what Paul does to see how easy it can be.

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8. Adding the Features

Paul shows you how to add some character to the cake by adding the eyes, nose and paw details.

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9. The Fur and Ears

Learn how to create the realistic ears and give the doggy a hair style by adding the fur.

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10. Texturing the cake

Using some familiar methods, Paul adds texture to the dogs body with some great and simple texture techniques.

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11. Finishing Touches

Well done you’re almost there! It’s time for the finishing touches, using PME Glaze spray Paul shows where to spray to really bring the dog to life and then finally the addition of a very fitting tartan collar.

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12. Other Ideas

Westie Terrier Dog – Other Ideas


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13. Pro Lesson

The Pro Members course covers the pricing of the cake for business and Paul shares some nice ideas of how to market this for your window display.

After many requests from our members Paul and the team have created this fantastic course! Learn to make this amazing West Highland Terrier dog cake in our Westie Terrier Dog course

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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