Wired naked leaves Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Wired naked leaves
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Easy
HD Lessons: 1
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1. Making the Leaves

For the full tutorial see Golden Damask Rose Wedding Cake

You will see from all the organised chaos in Paul’s kitchen that this is going to be a fun cake to make with lots of toys and exciting techniques. To start us off, Paul talks us through his design and tells us about all the cutters and stencils he is using as well as the stunning stand he has chosen for this cake. Then it’s onto making the naked leaves. We’re sure you will agree that they look lovely and will be very pleased to know that they are incredibly easy to make. You will need to roll some flower paste to about 1mm in thickness with vegetable fat added on top of the cutter, but not too much. You then place the flower paste over the cutter and press down on it with a cake smoother and then roll over it with a rolling pin. Now just cut away the inserts with a scriber tool and neaten up any rough edges and then place the leaf on a surface that will allow it to dry with a nice shape, such as a foam pad.

You can find the various tools and equipment online, by clicking the links within the Tools tab on the full tutorial.

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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