Woodland Wedding Cake – Bite Sized Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Woodland Wedding Cake – Bite Sized
with Deborah Edwards
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1. Woodland Wedding Cake - Bite Sized

Watch Deborah make her Woodland Wedding Cake in just one minute!

For the full course along with Tools and Ingredients lists and step by step lessons go to WOODLAND WEDDING CAKE

Deborah Edwards

Deborah Edwards

Deborah is an Engineer turned Cake Artist based in Derby, East Midlands. As an Engineer for 26 years Deborah has carried the attention to detail across to her cake designs. Deborah loves to create personalised cakes for the recipients and has even brought tears to peoples eyes with the attention to detail present. She loves working on detailed models and larger cake projects for all occasions. Deborah is also a Cake Dutchess Instructor and teaches modelling from the basics as well as cake decorating classes. Deborah has won Silver awards at Cake International for her wedding cake designs.
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