Peach Trellis Cake Step by Step with Janet Dobie

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1MAKING THE BOTTOM TIER: Using 80% cream flowerpaste and 20% ivory sugarpaste, roll out to a number 2 setting on a pasta machine. Using a multi-wheel pastry cutter or similar cut out enough strips 1cm wide to go around the cake.
Top Tip Leave the strips to dry for about 10 minutes, this makes it easier to apply.
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2Turn the first strip over and apply a small amount of water (water is better to use as you can manipulate into place before it dries). Using the set square position your first strip, use card to measure if it’s easier, it’s very important to get this first strip at the correct angle.  Cut off any excess at the top and bottom.
Using a scriber lightly make a small mark 2cm from your first strip at the top middle and bottom then apply your next strip. Do this all the way around. It’s important to get even peach squares between each strip.
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3Using the same process cut out enough strips go around the other way. Using the set square or card position the first strip on top of the required strip then gently go all the way down to the corresponding strip laying it on the top. Make sure you don’t press down on your cake, you must press onto the bottom strip as it may crack. Go all the way around the cake.
4Position the bottom tier in the centre of the covered board using a small amount of royal icing. Attach ribbon using double sided sticky tape.
There are a number of different methods to make crackled effect but found this to work best…
Roll out cream flowerpaste very thin until you can see through it or a number 7 setting on a pasta machine. Make this the height of your cake and about 10cm (4in) wide, it’s easier to work in small sections.  Leave to dry for about four hours.
Top tip – If you want a softer crackle effect reduce the drying time of the flowerpaste
Dust the board with icing sugar and roll out enough peach coloured sugarpaste to be slightly larger than the flowerpaste. Position the dried flowerpaste on top and using a small rolling pin press down very firmly so the flowerpaste cracks into the sugargarpaste.
6Finish rolling over the rest of flowerpaste until you have the crackled effect.
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7Add to the cake using a small amount of water smoothing down using flexi smoothers. Using the same process finish the rest of the cake joining each piece as you go.
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8Finish by going around the whole cake with flexi smoothers to make sure all the flowerpaste has been flattened into place.
pink trellis cake tutorial
9Dowel the bottom tier and using a small amount of royal icing add the top tier.
Top tip – Make the top tier slightly higher to give more display room for the flower sprays.
10Using cream flowerpaste roll into a sausage shape to fit into the smaller sized rope mould. Make enough to go around both cakes.
Top tip – Place in fridge for about 5mins to make it easier to remove from mold.
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11Using edible glue attach rope to cover the joins of the trellis and the bottom of both cakes. Finish by using a soft brush to dust all the rope with pearl lustre.
Cut a polystyrene ball in half and make a hook on a size 18-florist wire. Dip the hook in glue and insert into the round of the ball leave to dry over night.
Cover this with flowerpaste the same colour as your flower.
peach trellis cake tutorial
13Roll peach flowerpaste thinly or a number 6 setting on pasta machine, cut out two petals using the smallest rose petal cutter (RP1) then two petals with the next size rose petal cutter (RP1A).
Gently soften the edges using a ball tool, making sure not to frill. Add a small amount of glue to the bottom of the largest size petal, position the second one on top, add glue, position the small size next then the last small then fold together. Make a further seven sets, and leave to dry for about ten minutes.
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14Brush glue onto the top of the halved ball, and add each set of petals to the top making sure they all join in the centre. Cut at an angle to fit if need be.
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15Using rose petal cutter (RP2A) cut six petals, soften edges (try not to frill) with a ball tool, vein in rose veiner. Leave to dry for about five minutes.
16Add a small amount of glue to each petal and fit evenly around side of the halved polystyrene ball overlapping each petal. Cut another seven petals with the same size cutter and add in the same way. For the final layer cut 8 of the largest rose leaf cutter (RP3) and add in the same way.
Make three peach and two cream flowers for the flower spray.
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17Using light green flowerpaste roll out thinly on a veining board. Cut the leaf shapes using small and medium rose leaf cutters. Cut a 26-gauge green florist wire into small pieces, dip the end into glue and insert into the leaf. Using a ball tool soften the edges, vein using the Dog Rose veiner. When dry dust the leaves all over with Moss Green, finish with Aubergine down the centre. Steam to set, when dry paint with confectioners glaze. Using half width green florist tape join the leaves to form a branch.
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18Use the same method as above using brown flowerpaste and the Hibiscus leaf cutter and the Bramble veiner. Dust leaves with a mix of Brown and Burgundy dust. Steam to set, when dry paint with confectioners glaze. Make into a branch using half width brown florist tape.
19Using a size 33- florist wire cut into small sections and make a hook on one end.
Roll green flowerpaste into a ball about the size of a large pea.  Gentle roll one end to form a cone, dip the hooked end of the wire into glue and insert into the bottom of the cone. Using a craft knife gently make a line down the centre of the bud to give some definition and leave to dry.
Using half width green florist tape, join the buds together to form a branch. Dust using Foliage green and finish with aubergine on the tips. Steam and brush with confectioners glaze when dry.
20Using 33-florist wire cut into small pieces and make a hook on one end. Roll a small piece of brown sugarpase into balls about the size of a pea. Dip the hooked end of the wire into glue and insert into the ball. Leave to dry then paint with a mix of Bronze lustre dust and quick dry essence. Once dry using half width brown tape join together to make a branch.
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21For the bottom tier join together two peach and one cream flower using double width florist tape, add a mix of green and brown leaves to form a spray. Join in the bronze and green buds to give length to the flowers. Make a similar spray for the top tier using a peach and cream flower in the same way.
Add two posy picks to the top and bottom tier slightly off set and arrange the sprays on the finished cake.
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