Ride in Style: Cake Designs Inspired by Classic Cars

Do you have a passion for classic cars and a flair for cake decorating? If so, we’ve got the perfect blend for you! Here at CakeFlix, we firmly believe that inspiration can come from anywhere, and what better way to celebrate your love for automobiles than by creating stunning cake designs inspired by classic cars?

In this blog post, we will explore some amazing cake designs that pay homage to iconic cars from the past. From sleek and stylish sports cars to vintage beauties, these cakes are sure to impress both car enthusiasts and dessert lovers alike.

Vintage Car cake tutorial

Vintage Car cake tutorial

Vintage Car Cake: Reviving the Glory Days

Picture a cake that’s a portal to the past, bringing to life the graceful curves and iconic lines of classic cars that once ruled the open roads. This is no ordinary cake; it’s a culinary homage that tells a story on a plate. Discover how to create Paul Bradford’s masterful Vintage Car Cake, complete with intricate details like wheels, grill, number plate, and emblem, resulting in an astonishingly lifelike finish. If you’re at an intermediate level in cake decorating, this design is tailor-made for you, especially if you have a soft spot for classic cars. Feast your eyes on the tutorial video here:


F1 Car cake tutorial

F1 Car cake tutorial

Formula 1 Car: Speed and Sweetness Combined

For the adrenaline junkies and speed demons among us, a Formula 1 car cake is a true showstopper. Capture the essence of racing excitement by sculpting a cake that mirrors the aerodynamic lines and vibrant colours of these high-performance machines. It’s the perfect treat for anyone who craves the thrill of the track. Lead the race with this awesome Formula 1 Cake, this cake is sure to be a hit with any F1 Racing fans or just car fans, both young and old and everyone in between. The course is great for intermediate level cake designers and you should allow for two half days when creating this cake due to drying times of certain smaller parts. Watch the tutorial video here:


Jeep cake tutorial

Jeep cake tutorial

Jeep Cake: Off-Road Adventure in Every Bite

Adventure seekers, take note! Picture crafting a cake that captures the rugged spirit of off-road exploration – introducing the Jeep Cake! Inspired by a funky vehicle spotted during Paul’s travels, this cake isn’t just dessert; it’s a masterpiece of creativity and thrill baked into one. Whether it’s a birthday or any special moment, the Jeep Cake promises to be a hit with all genders and ages.

The twist? You’re the cake designer! Customise colours and patterns to align with your style. Imagine owning a cake that’s uniquely yours, inside and out. Dive into a day of imagination and baking fun with the Jeep Cake tutorial. Unleash creativity and whip up a baking storm by exploring the tutorial video here: 


Campervan cake tutorial

Campervan cake tutorial

Summer Lovin’ Camper Van: Bask in Baking Creativity

Feel the summer vibes! Embrace the Summer of Love with Paul’s super groovy Camper Van Cake. This tutorial is all about infusing colour and excitement into your cake artistry. Imagine a sunny beach, lush green hills, and blue skies adorned with painted seagulls. Transform an 8″ square chocolate cake into a ’60s-style camper van loaded with delectable ganache. Whether you’re a novice or seeking a challenge, this cake is your canvas for creative exploration. It empowers you to experiment and hone skills, enabling the creation of a range of unique designs. Step into the sunshine by exploring the tutorial video here:


Are you primed for a baking adventure as captivating as these classic cars? CakeFlix is your ticket to unlocking a realm of delicious creativity. With an eclectic range of tutorials that elevate your skills and spark imagination, you’re poised for a culinary journey inspired by iconic automobiles.

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