Video Playing Issues


We are working hard behind the scenes to bring you a new innovative website with lots more being added to your membership package.

One of the additions will be live streamed videos directly on the site. To facilitate the change we had to manually transfer 7k lessons from one video code to another.


Inevitably some members may experience playing issues as a result of the change so we are keen to get them sorted out in preparation for moving forward.

If you are experiencing viewing issues please clear your cached data to ensure that old searches don’t obstruct the new video search and try again.

You’ll find ‘cache’ in your browsing history settings. If the problem persists please read on.


To allow us to identify any issues please contact our support team either by emailing: [email protected] (please add to your contacts to avoid the reply going to spam) or by filling out our Contact Form.


  • A detailed description of the problem you’re experiencing (e.g buffering or dropped frames)
  • Your results from this speed test (
  • The course and lesson that you were trying to watch

It would be especially helpful if you can include the de-bug code. To do that just;

1) Open any video you’re having trouble with
2) Press play and watch the video
3) Once the issue occurs, press “d” on your keyboard to open the debug panel
4) Click the blue “Copy Debug Key” button
5) Paste the entire ID and send it to [email protected] (Note: The debug key will be comprised of random characters which will then be used to access playback information in our system)

Thank you for your help and support.

Kind regards, David 🙂

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