4 Expert Cookie Tutorials: Your Guide to Flawless Decorating

December has arrived, and it’s time to crank up the Christmas tunes and start baking holiday goodies. What better way to start the holiday cheer than with a fresh batch of festive cookies? Start baking and get ready to spread some holiday cheer with your delicious Christmas cookies! 

Beginners Sugar CookiesCookie Art for beginners

Where better to start than with the basics? In this tutorial, Jhanine Walker will guide you through everything you need to know. You will learn how to create these gorgeous sugar cookies from scratch! Jhanine will take you through all the necessary skills, from recipes to packaging your final product. She covers it all! Why not leave them plain or decorate them with your own twist? Check out the tutorial here to get started on your sugar cookie baking journey.

Gingerbread HouseGingerbread House 

You know Christmas is coming when that unmistakable gingerbread aroma fills the kitchen, bringing back so many happy memories. This year, we’re making those memories even sweeter by baking up a gingerbread house cake that looks straight out of a fairytale! Paul shows us special skills like airbrushing to create that perfect design. Check out the tutorial here.

Bonnie the Cookie GirlBonnie Cookie Girl

Are you looking to elevate your decorated sugar cookies with professional piping 

techniques? Marta Torres reveals the secret to achieving royal icing success. She teaches a simple 4-ingredient recipe for creating smooth and supple icing using only sugar, meringue powder, cream of tartar, and water. Marta also shares how to properly use a dehydrator for quick and even icing drying without ruining your cookies. Start learning today on CakeFlix.

Jasper the bearJasper the Cookie Bear

How cute is this Jasper cookie bear? This cute little guy is perfect to impress your friends and family. Under Marta’s expert guidance, you’ll explore the art of using templates for precise outlines, learn the secrets of filling in features that bring your decorated sugar cookies to life, and master the techniques of adding depth and character with dust colours. Watch the tutorial here and start creating your own cute cookie bears!

There you have it! The perfect cookies for any time of year, including the Christmas season. Why not sign up today and receive a 7-day free trial to test your skills? These tutorials will help you create show-stopping cookies that will impress everyone. Don’t miss out, Sign up here.

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