Bonnie the Cookie Girl Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Bonnie the Cookie Girl
with Marta Torres
Skill level: Advanced
HD Lessons: 24
Decorating time: 5 hours
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Watch Marta create this adorable cookie in just one minute!

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Watch some highlight clips from the full course.

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1. Making royal icing

In lesson 1, Marta Torres teaches you how to make the perfect royal icing for decorating cookies, using a simple recipe that includes sugar, meringue powder, cream of tartar and water.

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2. Colouring royal icing

In lesson 2, Marta  demonstrates how to add color to royal icing using gel food coloring, and shares tips for achieving the perfect shade and consistency.

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3. Getting started

In lesson 3, Marta Torres introduces you to the template and shows you basic piping techniques!

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4. How to pipe

Once the template has been traced, it’s time to get piping!

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5. Piping the hands

In lesson 5, Marta demonstrates how to pipe delicate hands using a small piping tip and steady hand movements, offering helpful tips for achieving realistic and elegant designs.

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6. Using a dehydrator

In this lesson, Marta introduces you to the dehydrator, a helpful tool for drying royal icing quickly and evenly, and shares tips for using it effectively to achieve the best results for cookie decorating.

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7. Piping the bunny ears

Now, Marta demonstrates how to pipe adorable bunny ears to create charming details, using simple piping techniques and a small piping tip.

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8. Finishing the ears

In this lesson, Marta completes the bunny ears a using small piping tip and careful hand movements.

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9. Piping the dress

In lesson 9, Marta Torres pipes the delicate sleeves of a dress onto royal icing cookies using precise hand movements to create elegant and intricate designs.

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10. Finishing the dress

In this lesson, Marta fills in the rest of the dress, showing you how to achieve depth and texture.

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11. Adding dress details

Now that the dress is complete, Marta begins to add details such as frills and edges to the sleeves.

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12. Piping the face

In lesson 12, Marta Torres demonstrates how to flood the face of a royal icing cookie with skin-colored icing and adds intricate details to create a realistic and charming face.

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13. Piping the hair

In this lesson, Marta Torres demonstrates how to pipe beautiful and detailed hair.

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14. Facial features

Marta shows you how to pipe delicate and cute facial features onto the cookie.

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15. Adding the hand

Marta adds the beautifully detailed hand to the royal icing cookie.

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16. Dusting

In this lesson, Marta adds a touch of color to the cookies using edible dusts and a brush, enhancing the details of the design and creating a stunning finish.

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17. Painting the eyes

In this lesson, Marta demonstrates how to paint charming and realistic eyes using edible paint and a small brush, adding the final touch to bring the design to life.

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18. Adding the pupils

Marta adds the finishing touch to the eyes of the cookie, bringing the charming character to life.

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19. Decorating the dress

Now, Marta adds some delicate detail to the dress.

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20. Finishing touches

Marta completes the adorable bunny slippers and adds some finishing touches, resulting in a charming and delightful finished product.

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21. Other Ideas

Marta shares some other ideas to use on your own cookie designs!

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22. PRO Lesson

In this lesson, Marta talks all bout pricing and selling your cookies.

Bonnie the Cookie Girl Tutorial by Marta Torres

In this tutorial, royal icing cookie artist Marta Torres shares her expertise and techniques for creating beautiful, intricate cookie designs using dimensional piping with royal icing. Through easy-to-follow steps, she walks viewers through the process of making and colouring royal icing, flooding cookies with icing, and adding details like dots, lines, and textures. With Marta’s guidance, viewers will gain the skills and confidence to create their own stunning royal icing cookies, perfect for any occasion!

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to…

  • Make royal icing
  • Colour royal icing
  • How to use a dehumidifier
  • Create a beautiful dimensional piping design on a cookie
  • and lots more inside…
Marta Torres

Marta Torres

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