Fabergé Easter Egg Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Fabergé Easter Egg
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 14
Decorating time: 2 hours
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Watch Paul make his Fabergé egg in just one minute!

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Relive the best moments of the Fabergé egg cake decorating journey with a short and sweet highlights video that captures all the excitement and creativity of the course.

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1. Filling the egg

Paul is starting off with a bang, filling a real Easter egg with luscious chocolate cake and drizzling Baileys all over for an indulgent treat that’s sure to delight your taste buds.

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2. Covering the board

Paul gets creative and covers the cake board with a stunning design that’ll make your egg stand out from the rest!

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3. Making the stand

Join Paul as he shows you how to make a beautiful stand for your Fabergé egg cake, complete with colorful mini eggs for a festive touch.

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4. Preparing the egg

Get ready to decorate as Paul expertly prepares the egg for its grand transformation by smoothing the surface and placing it on the stand.

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5. Adding the trim

Watch as Paul begins to decorate the egg with a stunning trim around the edge, adding a touch of elegance to your cake.

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6. Adding the front design

Get ready to add some pizzazz to your Fabergé egg cake as Paul uses a mould to create a stunning design on the front.

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7. Painting the egg

Watch as Paul takes your cake to the next level with a touch of glamour, painting the Fabergé egg cake with shimmering gold dust.

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8. Adding more decrations

In this lesson, Paul is back with even more creative decorations to elevate your cake to the next level – get ready to be inspired!

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9. Painting the trim

Paul is getting creative as he adds more intricate details to your Fabergé egg cake, including painting the trim and dusting a beautiful flower made from modeling chocolate for an extra special touch that’s sure to impress.

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10. Finishing touches

Get ready for the final touches as Paul puts the finishing touches on your stunning Fabergé egg cake, making sure every detail is perfect before you present it to your friends and family.

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11. Other Ideas

If you’re feeling adventurous, join Paul for some other exciting ideas to take your Fabergé egg cake to new heights, including unique decorations and creative twists on the classic design.

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12. PRO Lesson

Ready to turn your cake decorating skills into a business? Join Paul as he walks you through pricing and selling your Fabergé egg cake to make sure you get the most out of your talent.

Fabergé Egg Cake Tutorial by Paul Bradford

Make someone’s Easter extra special this year by creating a unique design, filled with cake and ganache, all from a standard supermarket Easter egg. This is very easy and quick to make design, and would be a good profit maker for those who are looking for an extra revenue stream. Once you know the concept, there is no limit to the design options available.

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to…

  •     Pimp a basic supermarket Easter egg
  •     Split and fill the egg with cake and ganache
  •     Use different moulds to create a luxury look finish
  •     Work with lustre dusts to create a stunning gold effect
  •     Create a simple, but eye catching finish to the cake board
  •     and lots more inside…
Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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