Wedding Cookies Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Wedding Cookies
with Jhanine Walker
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 11
Decorating time: 1 - 2 days
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Watch Jhanine make her wedding cookies in just 1 minute!

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Some hand -picked highlights from the whole course!

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1. Royal icing monogram cookie

Marbling in royal icing couldn’t be any easier than this! Learn to easily create a marbled cookie with a personalised monogram embellishment adorned in beautiful gold accents.

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2. Fondant monogram cookie

Now let’s see how to create the same marbled cookie using only fondant and a stenciling technique. Don’t worry! This pretty cookie holds up just as well, if not better, to its royal icing sister AND it’s super sparkly to boot!

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3. Navy blue floral royal icing cookie

In this lesson, you will learn how to create a more formal looking cookie with a rich, moody colour palette of Navy , burgundy and gold. Jhanine will demonstrate some pretty piping techniques that really bring this elegant design together.

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4. Navy blue floral fondant cookie

In this lesson you will learn how to create an equally stunning navy blue cookie as was demonstrated in the previous lesson without a drop of royal icing in sight! Jhanine will demonstrate how to create a stunning sugar cookie using techniques using moulds and painting.

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5. Cute stick figure royal icing cookie

Looking for something a little less formal and a little more fun and free spirited? Then this is the cookie for you! You will learn how to use a projector to transfer any image onto your cookies with ease, The projector method is widely used within the cookie community however, it is optional and there are other ways to achieve this cute and fun design as Jhanine will explain in this tutorial.

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6. Cute stick figure fondant cookie

You will learn yet another way to create a cute and fun stick figure design wedding cookie using nothing but fondant, a picture, a pencil and a few markers! This one is easy enough for the kiddies to help with and stacks up beautifully to its royal icing counterpart.

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7. Watercolour scene cookie

In this little bonus lesson, Jhanine uses some very simple light and shade colour principles to create a watercolour scene on a cookie that has both depth and elegance. These cookies can be made using either a fondant or a royal icing canvas as a base, and with the addition of just a hint of gold, they would make lovely favours for a wedding celebration.

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8. Other Ideas

In this lesson Jhanine will offer suggestions on other design ideas that can be achieved using the existing designs in each tutorial in order to create beautiful wedding cookies ( and cookies for other occasions) to suit your personal theme.

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9. PRO Lesson

Pricing cookies is definitely on a different scale to pricing cakes. Jhanine will run through the pricing structure that she uses for the sale of decorated sugar cookies. Don’t sell yourself short! You’re time, talent and effort are all worth it!

Wedding Cookies Tutorial – One Cookie, 7 Designs

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create 7 different cookies with a single shaped cookie. This tutorial is extremely comprehensive and will implement many techniques including, but not limited to, royal icing transfers, image projection, stenciling and edible watercolour painting. For each cookie design, Jhanine will teach you how to create the final result using both the royal icing method as well as the same design using only fondant. Because of this, you’ll find that this is a great tutorial for everyone! 

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to…

  • Create many designs from just one simple cookie,
  • Translate a royal iced cookie design into a  fondant cookie,
  • Transfer patterns and designs onto cookies in several different ways,
  • Master marbling, flooding, piping, and so much more!

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Jhanine Walker

Jhanine Walker

Jhanine is from Victoria, Australia. After many years of making cake creations for others, at the end of 2018, she decided go full circle and start teaching others via the medium that she had learned so very many of my skills from in the beginning. The rest, as they say, is history. That is how my YouTube channel ‘That’s Cakeable’ was born. Now I get to do what I love and share the things I have learned along the way with all of you amazing peeps!

Jhanine has featured in Cake Masters Magazine, Caking all over the World and now CakeFlix TV.

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