4 Reasons Why Cyclists Love Cake

Cycling and cake are a match made in heaven, and you might often come across a cyclist stopped by the side of the road with a slice of spongey goodness in their hands. However, did you know that there are real reasons why cyclists love cake? If not, here are some that you need to know about before your next cycling session. 

  • Gives Them Energy

The number one reason why cake in all its different flavours is so popular with cyclists is that it gives them the short-term energy they need for their bike rides, especially if they are only going for a near-distance cycle. Cyclists burn off an extreme amount of calories every hour, and this means they need the extra energy and calories to sustain their weight and ensure that they do not feel dizzy and faint throughout the ride or start flagging. Cake can do just this, with the sugar that it contains giving them the additional boost they need to make it to the finish line. Not only this but eating cake after a bike ride can help you restore the energy you have lost and ensure that you can go about your day without feeling ill or sustaining an injury that could affect you long-term. 

  • Acts as a Reward Cyclist eating cake

However, cake also acts as a reward for many cyclists, especially if they are not naturals or would rather be snuggled up at home with a book. Knowing that there is a delicious cake to come can drive cyclists to push themselves further and ensure that they do not give up when they are halfway there. Another way that some cyclists motivate themselves is by fundraising for a certain cause. For instance, they might ask for sponsorships for Macmillan charity bike rides. This means they can simply think of all the people that they are helping when they want to call it quits. This can give their bike ride a purpose. 

  • Gives Them Dopamine 

Cyclists also love cake as it can provide them with the dopamine that they might otherwise be missing. This dopamine can make them feel good throughout their bike ride and can lead them to be more positive. This, combined with the exercise and fresh air that cyclists get, can boost their performance and ensure that cycling is a light-hearted activity in their lives. 

  • Easy to Pack 

On a more practical level, cake is easy for cyclists to take with them in their backpacks. It can be packaged in tin foil or a box and will stay fresh all day when stored correctly. This means they will be able to enjoy their cake no matter at what stage of the bike ride they decide to consume it. Cake is also not very bulky. This means that you will be able to stuff it into your backpack easily without it taking up a lot of room or being too heavy to cycle with. 

Georgina Monk

Since leaving university with an English and Creative Writing degree, Georgina has worked as a freelance copywriter, writing articles on everything from business technology to charitable giving. As well as running her own blog and performing in and writing plays, some of which have been staged in local theatres, she also volunteers at historical houses and enjoys watersports and getting out into nature.

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