5 New Year’s cake decorating resolutions

New Year’s resolutions – we’ve all made them. But how many of us have actually stuck to them?

Well, this year is going to be different. Why? Because all our resolutions are going to be cake themed!

In 2018, I promise to…

Get outside my comfort zone

You don’t need to jump out of a plane to set yourself a new challenge in 2017. Phew. Perhaps you want to step up from beginner to intermediate, or intermediate to advanced? Setting your goal now will help you focus on continually improving throughout the year. Take a look at our intermediate or advanced level online cake tutorials and start building your confidence.



Eat less cake

As most cake designers will agree – being surrounded by cakes constantly can test even the most strong-willed of decorators. If all else fails, an elastic band around the wrist is worth a try…



Learn something new

Come along to one of our cake decorating courses with Paul and watch your skills soar. Not only will you pick up some incredible techniques and useful tips, rumour has it, it’s also a bit of a laugh too…


Start my own cake business

So you’ve been thinking of starting your own cake business for a while? 2017 could be the year you make those dreams a reality. Sign up as a Pro and you’ll have access to all our Pro tutorials, which are geared towards helping you set up your own successful business.

However, if you prefer a more hands-on approach then why not take a look at our upcoming attended course which allows you to become a Paul Bradford Approved Teacher!


Spend more time doing what I love

We can’t say it any more simply than that! Happy decorating xx

Update for 2018


What are your 2017 New Year’s resolutions? Share in the comments below…



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