Announcing CakeFlix

Introducing CakeFlix

As you’ll be aware the online learning experience for many is changing with more and more content being released daily.

This is largely down to an increase in filming and editing knowledge along with easier to use cameras and editing suites.

We are keen to harness those skills by inviting contributions for our new site;

Why Cakeflix?

Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School (PBSS) Ltd (SC273523) has been trading since 2002 and incorporated in 2004. Initially named Paul Bradford Designer Cakes (hence our web address; we changed the business name to Truly Scrumptious Designer Cakes in 2005 before selling off that moniker in 2010 and rebranding as the Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School.

The name seemed fitting at the time as our work was primarily based on Paul teaching cake decorating in a face to face environment.

However, since so much of our work is now based on our online tutorials we don’t believe that the name correctly reflects the service we provide anymore.

Therefore, we have now trademarked the name Cakeflix and will be using this moniker for all our online tutorials in the not so distant future.

We believe that Cakeflix gives a generic name and also explains in a little more detail what it is that we offer.

Just the same as PBSS, Paul will still provide his weekly tutorials as well as provide new live tutorials on our new streaming service.

However, one of the main reasons behind giving the site a generic name is to allow it to become a one stop shop for cake tutorials where both artists and suppliers can contribute freely with a brand name fit for purpose.


We have been asking for members feedback through a number of surveys which has drawn us to conclude that the key Positives of the current site were:

  • Paul Bradford as the key lead tutor
  • Our 365 days a year support
  • New Weekly course
  • Extensive library of tutorials
  • Active and positive private members’ Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Live events such as Pro Members monthly Q&A
  • Pro Members display at Cake International

However, there were several new ideas and development opportunities put forward. Some remain under consideration, but we wanted to get started and build rather than wait until we had everything ready before launching CakeFlix.

Key Changes is due to launch sometime in June 2018 and will take account of some of the key development requests from members.

The site will be laid out differently, but for the foreseeable future members will have an option to return to the current (will be called classic) view.

CakeFlix will have all the content currently provided within PBSS and Cake Life plus:

  • New Techniques section

Many have asked for a techniques section as they want to learn a specific skill or technique but don’t have time to watch the whole tutorial.  This means that if you want to see a selection of videos on how to make different types of roses then all will be displayed in one place.

Our new tutorials will all be produced to address the many techniques that members have asked for, so each course will be more tailored to our audience.

  • New Highlights Section

Time seems to be the biggest challenge for most members and with so much content available online now we have to make sure that each of our tutorials is available in it’s current full version, but also condensed into a 10-20 minute highlights video.

This has been available for around a year now, but these lessons are hiding away within each course so there will be a new Highlights section making it easy to find the condensed lessons for those short of time.

  • New Quick Bite Section

The Quick Bite lessons will be a 1 minute speeded up version of snapshots from the full tutorial. This will give each course the full feature length, Highlights (10-20mins) and Quick Bite (1 minute) versions.

  • New Products Section

There are numerous cake artists and suppliers out there who all have lessons on how to use their products. We want to centralise that content within CakeFlix and so far, everyone Paul has spoken to has been very receptive. Our ethos is that the videos must be educational, so members are learning rather than it just coming across as a sale channel. Note that we DO NOT receive any commission on any sales generated.

Our advantage in doing this is to get content for our members and become a respected one stop shop for objective advice and guidance on products and tools, hence we do not want to be linked or financially benefiting from sales.

Phase two of CakeFlix will see members able to score products, courses and tutorials with star rating making it easy for us to see who and what you want to see more of and help guide new visitors to the best content we have to offer.

  • Commissioning Artists

We have welcomed 52 guests to our studio over the past few years, but for many its difficult to get time away from work or the family. With such good quality videos becoming common place we are now extending an invitation to artists to provide content for CakeFlix from their own studio.

This allows far more artists to contribute and with our editor available to manage the time-consuming editing we plan to reach a lot more guests this year.

This opportunity is also extended to our Premium and Pro Members. For more information contact [email protected].

  • Baking Tutorials

In recent months there seems to be a swing back to baking so we are keen to commission more baking tutorials. Already we have some Pro members lined up, but if you know of anyone who bakes a lovely cake then please point them in our direction.

  • Live TV on CakeFlix

The CakeFlix idea started out as our portal to stream online broadcasts from our site. Therefore, we had to move video providers earlier in the year allowing us to broadcast using Vimeo Live. That was 7.5k lessons that had to be downloaded from one provider and uploaded to another, manually!

As you know Paul loves the live streaming events and he has spoken to a number of big names in the industry who are keen to work with him to give you educational, good fun, live events.

There are several benefits in producing our own content rather than relying on Facebook, not least that many members do not use Facebook so these videos will be easily accessible and searchable long after the broadcast has ended.

  • Q&A more prominence

Did you know that we have over 6k cake questions answered on our Q&A page? Our super user Madeitwithlove is an expert home baker and cake decorator. Over the past 7 years she has diligently answered thousands of questions and not question has gone unanswered.

This is a huge resource and I suspect that there are few places that you can get your cake questions answered so quickly and professionally.

  • Guest Tutors invited to Private Facebook Groups

We have 52 world class tutors on our site and as part of CakeFlix they will be invited to the PBSS Members and PRO Members Facebook Groups. This will give an added boost to some of the advice support and guidance available and make some of the ‘cake stars’ accessible to members.

  • New Pro Lessons

We are scheduled to film 9 new Pro courses in July 2018 and we will get them loaded onto the Pro platform as soon as we can. We are always interested to hear of ideas for new courses both Pro and cake related so feel free to drop us an email to [email protected]

  • What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! Members will get all the new features at no extra cost. We are sticking with the same Monthly and Annual membership fees that we started with in 2011. Since then we have been adding a new feature length course every week and new features as we go so it represents great value for money. To pay for the extras we hope to attract more members so please help us keep the membership fees low by sharing this with your friends and in your Facebook Groups.

  • How to access the new site

Once CakeFlix is live memberships will be transitioned over. Existing members will have to sign into the new site, but that’s it. There’s no need to register anywhere or change billing details, everything will transition across. There will be notices all over the current site when CakeFlix is live and we will be on hand to help with any access issues.

  • Paul Bradford Training Ltd

As part of the move to CakeFlix, Paul Bradford Training Ltd, which currently sits on will move to

This will be set up to promote Paul’s courses and calendar as well as Accredited and Approved Tutors.

Paul will be running private classes from 1 to 1s to groups of 6 from his new studio in Spain as well as Train the Trainer course in Scotland. For more details contact: [email protected].

  • Paul Bradford online diploma

Paul is in the process of setting up a diploma syllabus based on the tutorials available on CakeFlix.

Candidates will have to demonstrate that they have completed each section and provide photos of a project set by Paul at the end of the course.

Paul will provide feedback and coaching where necessary along the way.

Successful candidates will receive a diploma from Paul Bradford Training Ltd signed by Paul.

CakeFlix Team

  • David Brice– Development
  • Paul Bradford– Lead tutor
  • Melanie Underwood– Editor
  • Matt Shields – Digital marketing
  • Ken Boyd – Customer support
  • Madeitwithlove – Our Q&A guru


Sometime in June PBSS site hosted at will move to Paul Bradford Training will remain on for a few more weeks before moving to

All the existing content on PBSS will be hosted on CakeFlix (less the Paul Bradford Training courses). Each page on will be re-directed so if you have bookmarked pages then there’s nothing to worry about.

We will give at least one week’s notice of the change and we will all be on standby to answer any questions when the time comes.

With the revert to Classic view option you can return to the existing site layout at anytime.

We are extremely excited by the changes and have spent a long time working our way through the concept, buying the domain from a wedding photographer in LA, to a three month wait for the Trademark approval.  It’s now just putting the finishing touches to the new site, which we absolutely love and can’t wait for you to see it!

To our members a huge thank you for your continued support and feedback and together we are keen to grow and develop.

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