Trending: Are Geode wedding cakes the next big thing?

A geode is a round rock which contains a cavity lined with crystals. They are sparkly and really quite beautiful. Perfect for a wedding cake, right? The internet agrees.

The geode wedding cake trend is rocking our world right now, and it isn’t hard to see why. Pull off this stunning design and all your clients will be talking about what an absolute gem you are (see what we did there?).

Perhaps one of the most alluring things about the geode design is the ability to inject colour into what is – traditionally-speaking, of course – a simple white cake affair. Most weddings have a colour scheme, so why shouldn’t the cake match up? The sumptuous palette is endless, with the most popular hues of deliciously purple amethyst or divine blue of agate offering the opportunity to make something quite simply, stunning.

As far as we can trace back, the geode cake trend began with this post by Intricate Icings back in January. The delectable cake was created for an event and used a combination of granulated sugar and rock candy which was crafted with multicoloured modelling chocolate and encased in a fondant covered cake. To top it off the design was finished with some lovely hand painted gold leaf.

Geode cakes we adore!

Photo credit: @kakebydarci on instagram

Photo credit: Kake



Photo credit: Intricate Icings


Photo credit: Three Tiers For Cake

Photo credit: Three Tiers For Cake


Photo credit: Carries Cakes

Photo credit: Carries Cakes


Photo credit: @frostitcakery on instagram

Photo credit: @frostitcakery on instagram

Top tips for perfecting the geode cake design

  • Put the time in – give yourself at least 15 hours to perfect your design. The geode cake takes patience and stamina to create.
  • Study your subject – look at as many photos and drawings of geodes as you can before you begin. If you can get your hands on a real geode, even better. There’s nothing like getting to know the real thing inside out to give your design an authentic touch.
  • Forget perfect – geodes are natural wonders and like many things in nature, far from perfect. And therein lies their beauty. Remember the more imperfect your design the more realistic your geodes.
  • Try it out – you don’t have to go the whole hog first time. Give yourself the challenge of creating some mini geodes to test your technique. They’ll make a great little gift for your friends.
  • Give it your own spin – while we love a trend, we don’t always want to follow the pack. Some crafty instagrammers have already bucked the trend by creating some small but (im)perfectly formed geode cake pops. Check out #geodecakepops
  • It doesn’t have to be a wedding cake – this super versatile design makes lovely birthday cakes too!

Is a geode cake tutorial something you’d like to see on the site? Let us know in the comments!


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