Product Reviews | Different Types of Sugarcraft Rollers

This week, Paul reviews a few different types of rollers that you can use in sugarcraft. It is often very difficult to roll out stiff, hard products, therefore using a roller can make your life a lot easier and is of course less time consuming than using a rolling pin.

The four rollers that Paul reviews can be found below, however if you do a search online, you may be able to find them from other retailers too!

1. PME Electric Sugarcraft Roller available to buy here
2. Aldi Pasta Roller
3. Kenwood Cake Mixer Roller is available to buy here

Have you tried any of these rollers? What do you think about them? Pop your comments below!

If you can recommend any other rollers, please feel free to share with us too! 🙂

NOTE: the Cakeboxme roller appears to have since been withdrawn.


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