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Ludicris Cake Toppers are known for their bespoke special occasion toppers, wedding cake toppers, and figures. Today Paul takes a look at some of the moulds on offer from Ludicris and how these might be perfect for you, especially if making cake toppers isn’t your strong point.

Check out the video below for Paul’s look at some of the food safe silicone moulds that Ludicris produce.

We had a chance to talk to the founder of Ludicris Cake Toppers, Chris Mockridge, and ask him a few questions which you can find below. Chris, together with his wife Louise design and make handmade bespoke wedding cake, special occasion toppers and figures using polymer clay. They have also recently started to make fridge magnets, charms, earrings and other items along with food grade silicone and Vac formed Chocolate Moulds.

Chris started making figures from plasticine at an early age and fell in love with crafting items and using polymer clay ever since. This led Chris to create his very own wedding cake topper as he and his wife just couldn’t find the perfect finish to their wedding cake, following this Ludicris Cake Toppers was born and a great range of bespoke products is now available to buy.

We asked Chris a few questions about the company.

What is the best part of what you do?

Definitely the finished product, to see the end product makes me feel proud!

What has been your favourite commission so far?

My favourite Commission so far has to be my model of Paul O’Grady with Buster & Olga which I made for Paul for his final Channel 4 show. Previously, I was asked to go on the show and demonstrate making Paul, but instead made Paul as per the picture which he now has on display at his home.

Ludicris Cake Toppers - Paul O Grady

Polymer model made especially for Paul O’Grady and his final channel 4 show.

Where can we buy your work?

From the Ludicris Cake Toppers website: & online shop shop

From Alphabet Moulds:


We hope you’ve enjoyed this mini product review and hopefully the cake toppers or the moulds that Ludicris Cake Toppers are producing will help you out.

Feel free to leave your comments below.

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