How to Make Profit From Cake Decorating

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You will learn from people very experienced in the designer cake business, who started out as sole traders to running a company turning over £1m. They made plenty of mistakes along the way and here’s your chance to learn what they would have done differently. From nobody knowing them, to making cakes for the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince Albert of Monaco and a slot on TV all that with no marketing or sales background – completely self taught.

What’s the dream? – Without answering this properly you’ll end up going round in circles.

What should I charge for my cakes? – There’s a formula and pricing grid you’ll need to use to properly price your cakes.

Where do I get started? – The videos are set out in the progression that you should tackle your business plan.

What are the rules on Tax and Environmental Health? A lot of people are put off by this, don’t be, it’s straightforward.

How to make VAT work in your favour NOW. Save 20% of this membership immediately.

What’s the best way to go about marketing? We’ll tell you!

These are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s covered on the Pro membership videos. Do you know that half the money people spend on marketing is wasted, but most don’t know which half. Those that own these businesses that tend to fail, as you simply can’t afford to waste 50% of your marketing budget, but here you will learn how to test and measure the success of each campaign.

It’s also true that you will be more successful in this business if you are great at marketing but not so good at cakes, than if you were great at cakes but not so good at marketing. Here you will learn marketing that is specific to the cake industry and that we know works. How to manage a marketing strategy both online and offline and get your cakes out there.

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