AT Chocolate Wrap Course


Lesson 1 | Stacking the Cake

This lesson should be preceded by Introductions with health and safety notices. Duration 20 mins

Demo: 15mins Activity: 30mins

  • Layering the cakes
  • Dowling and stacking the cakes
  • Adding the dummy cone

Lesson 2 | Carving the Cake & Applying Ganache

Demo: 5mins  Activity: 30mins

  • Carve the cone shape
  • Applying ganache
  • Setting the ganache
  • Smoothing the ganache layer

Lesson 3 | Wrapping the Cake

Demo: 25mins   Activity: 75mins

  • Rolling out modelling chocolate
  • Applying modelling chocolate to the cake
  • Adjusting the shaping of the wrap

Tip – Good time for lunch (approx. 40 mins)

Lesson 4 | Covering the Board

Demo: 10mins   Activity: 15mins

  • Cover the board and ribbon
  • Glaze the cake to give the shine

Lesson 5 | Chocolate Balls to Decorate the Board

Demo: 5mins   Activity: 10mins

Roll enough balls (approximately 25) to decorate the base where the cake meets the drum

  • Cutting and rolling equal sized balls
  • Lustre the balls
  • Apply to the cake

Lesson 6 | Making Roses, Fans & Cut-out Shapes

Demo: 15mins Activity: 60mins

  • Shaping the petals
  • Creating the rose through intricate shaping techniques
  • Using shaped cutters cut out the desired decorations
  • Roll and pleat the modelling chocolate to create the fans

Lesson 7 | Creating, Dusting & Lustring Spiral Decorations

Demo: 15mins  Activity: 25mins

  • Wrapping wires with florist tape
  • Curling them into the desired shapes to decorate the cake
  • How to use sprays and dusts effectively
  • Identify colour matches

Lesson 8 | Finishing Touches

Demo: 15mins   Activity: 30mins

  • Creatively add the decorating to the cake
  • Ensure that colours and decorations are balanced

Leave yourself 10mins for the class photo and quick tidy up.

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