AT Introduction to Cake Decorating


Lesson 1 – Leveling the cake and Explaining Ganache

This lesson should be preceded by Introductions with health and safety notices. Duration 20 mins

Demo: 20mins    Activity: 20mins

  • Assume that your students haven’t worked with ganache before
  • Leveling the cake
  • Marking the back to ensure the cake’s aligned

Lesson 2 – First Layer of Ganache

Demo: 10mins    Activity: 10mins

  • Creating the sandwich
  • Applying ganche in the centre
  • Smoothing the first cover around the sides

Lesson 3 – Ganching the Sides

Demo: 10mins    Activity: 25mins

  • Applying a generous layer of ganache around the sides of the cake
  • Smooth the sides ensuring a neat finish free from lumps and bumps
  • Ensure that the sides create a crown before placing in the fridge

Lesson 4 – Removing the Crown

Demo: 5mins    Activity: 10mins

  • Heat a knife using warm water
  • Neatly remove the crown
  • Getting ready for the next layer of ganache

Lesson 5 – Ganaching the Top of the Cake

Demo: 10mins    Activity: 20mins

  • Apply a generous layer of ganche to the top of the cake
  • Smooth the top layer pulling the metal ruler towards you
  • Scrape around the side of the cake to remove the lip

Lesson 6 – Finishing the Ganache Layer

Demo: 10mins    Activity: 10mins

  • Ensure a smooth neat finish with a further ganache layer
  • Ensure all lips are neatly removed
  • Last chance before adding sugarpaste!


Lesson 7 – Covering the cake

Demo: 20mins    Activity: 20mins

  • Rolling out sugarpaste ensuring an even spread
  • Covering the cake
  • Removing pleats and neatly finishing

Lesson 8 – Icing the Board

Demo: 15mins    Activity: 45mins

  • Evenly rolling out the sugarpaste
  • Cutting a whole in the centre
  • Cover the board by placing the sugarpaste over the cake and smooth to finish


Lesson 9 – Adding the Stripes

Demo: 10mins    Activity: 20mins

  • Roll out the chosen coloured sugarpaste
  • Neatly cut even stripes
  • Place across the cake at the diagonal


Lesson 10 – Adding Decorative Balls

Demo: 10mins    Activity: 20mins

  • Roll out a sausage and cut into even pieces
  • Roll into small decorative balls
  • Cover in sparkle and place neatly around the base of the cake

Lesson 11 – Making the Bow

Demo: 10mins    Activity: 20mins

  • Create the decorative bow
  • Placing the bow neatly and decoratively onto the cake
  • Ensure that the bow is left to set using props where necessary

Lesson 12 – Finishing Touches

Demo: 5mins    Activity: 25mins

  • Time to get the WOW factor
  • Adding the all important finishing touches

Leave yourself 10mins for the class photo and quick tidy up.

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