Cheepy the Easter Chick Stey-by-Step Guide | Kathryn Rioch, Bronte Bakes


A Step-by-Step Guide by Kathryn Rioch of Bronte Bakes

It’s nearly Easter and with a much awaited long weekend now upon us, we have a fun project for you to add to your weekend celebrations! Kathryn Rioch of Bronte Bakes, who is a Paul Bradford Accredited Tutor, has created a little chick step-by-step guide for you, aptly named Cheepy by her son!

Happy Easter!


Kathryn’s Story

Doesn’t it always start with your Mum? Or your Grannie, or someone who spent time in the kitchen with you, letting you lick the spoon, shake the sprinkles and put fingerprints in the chocolate icing?

For me, it was my mum. She is an amazing baker and can create the most fabulous sugar flowers. As a treat, I arranged a birthday present for her at a cookie decorating class – and of course I had to go with her to see what it was all about!

So now, I’m completely hooked. I’ve been on all the courses I can afford and I spend all my spare time practicing, experimenting and now sharing what I’ve learned with others. I don’t do things by halves, so I’ve become a Paul Bradford Accredited Tutor and learned from some of the world’s best sugarcraft designers, including Debbie Brown, Raewyn Read and Mayen Orido.

I am so passionate about passing on what I’ve learned that I set up my own academy to help anyone and everyone learn to make beautifully-decorated cakes.

I had three ambitions – my classes should be fun, friendly and creative. Experimentation is encouraged and everything is achievable! You’d be amazed at what you can learn to do and you’ll be able to go straight home and wow your friends and family.

And that’s what makes me happy!

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Kathryn x

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