AT Teddy Bear


Lesson 1 – Carving the Shape

This lesson should be preceded by Introductions with health and safety notices. Duration 20 mins

Demo: 10mins    Activity: 20mins

  • Cutting the Teddy shapes from the template provided
  • Stacking the cakes to check the desired finish
  • This is the key opportunity to achieve the overall shape

Lesson 2 – Refining the Shape

Demo: 5mins    Activity: 15mins

  • Carving the Teddy Bear shape
  • Advise on shaping choices with the positioning of the legs
  • Massage the cake with hands to get the final tweaks

Lesson 3 – Layering the cake with Ganache

Demo: 15mins    Activity: 40mins

  • Layering the cake together and sticking with ganache
  • Placing the supporting dowels
  • Preparing for the overall ganache coating

Lesson 4 – Applying the Ganache

Demo: 5mins    Activity: 35mins

  • Covering the cake generously in ganche
  • Smooth the ganche to allow an evenly covered layer over all the cake
  • Clean down, including the cake drum

Lesson 5 – Covering the Cake

Demo: 10mins    Activity: 30mins

  • This can be tricky, but don’t worry there’s no need to be neat
  • Rolling out a large piece of sugarpaste and covering the cake
  • Moulding the sugarpaste to the Teddy Bear shape

Lesson 6 – Covering the Board and Adding the Arms

Demo: 10mins    Activity: 15mins

  • Covering the board
  • Transferring the cake
  • Adding the arms


Lesson 7 – Adding the Pads, Muzzle and Ears

NOTE: During this video tutorial Paul makes buttercream in front of the class. You should make it before the class to save time. If you are happy to ffwd then start the video at 10mins as the only technique in that time is adding the foot pads.

Demo: 5mins    Activity: 15mins

  • Adding the small shaped foot pads
  • Rolling, shaping and adding the ears
  • Adding and sticking the bear’s muzzle

Lesson 8 – Piping the fur

Demo: 5mins    Activity: 85mins

  • Ensure that you have the correct nozzle and coloured buttercream
  • Demonstrate the piping technique to achieve the pulled fur finish
  • Adding the fur is a repetitive task starting with the shapes, then covering the front then back of the Bear

Lesson 9 – Adding the ribbon and Facial Features

Demo: 10mins    Activity: 20mins

  • Neatly adding the ribbon to the cake drum
  • Adding the eyes and finishing the facial features
  • Using stitch detail to achieve that special finish

Lesson 10 – Adding the Tail and Finishing Touches

Demo: 15mins    Activity: 25mins

  • Don’t forget the tail!
  • Add the party hat and butterfly
  • The all important finishing touches

Leave yourself 10mins for a quick tidy up and the course photo.

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