Brave Inspired Sugarcraft Tutorials Next Week


Please note: Words marked with ‘*’ are Scottish. Translations to English are provided at the end of the blog post, so ‘dinnae get yer knickers in a twist’ *.

As most of you are aware, Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School is located in Scotland. A country often associated with a cold climate; green landscapes, haggis, and of course people with peely wally* skin and ginger hair, who wear tartan on a daily basis… Quite far from the reality of today!

So, why am I blethering* about Scotland, and not about our latest cake design? Well, it’s all thanks to Disney. They’ve chosen our braw* homeland as the dwelling of their latest Pixar Princess! We were awfy* excited when we heard about the release of the film ‘Brave’, a story about a Scottish princess called Merida.

Feeling patriotic, we have decided to shoot next weeks video blog with ‘Brave’ in mind. Paul will do a wee* lesson inspired by Merida. Make sure you watch the video blog next Wednesday, then you can whip up cake design thats sure to get a lot of attention, since ‘Brave’ is very much in the media spotlight right now. As you can see by the images in this blog post, there are some great ‘Brave’ inspired cakes out there already, so why not join in the fun?!

Scottish Translations:

‘Dinnae get yer knickers in a twist’ = Don’t worry or panic

‘Peely wally’ = Pale, ill-looking skintone

‘Blethering’ = Idle or irrelevant talk, chatter

‘Braw’ = Beautiful or attractive appearance

‘Awfy’ = Very or extremely

‘Wee’ = Short, brief or small


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