Cake International 2016: Trends, tools and ones to watch

Cake International this year was a memorable event for so many reasons. It was Paul’s first go at being a judge, our first ever students’ table was a huge success and we even managed to scoop an award. Good times!

Another part of it that really stood out was seeing the trends and tools that are emerging for the year ahead. It was fascinating to see what new instruments people were using to create even more elaborate designs than ever before and hearing which cake designers everyone was talking about.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into some of the hottest trends for 2017, as witnessed at Cake International…


Modelling and figurines

At Cake International, it was evident cake designers across the land are embracing the challenge of creating intricate models – and loving it! The detail of some of the figurines was so incredible and many of the larger designs used armature. Here are just a couple to feast your eyes on…

It’s a trend that looks set to continue well into the future. Brush up on your modelling skills at our Introduction to Sugar Models attended course or take a peek at our latest tutorial, Christmas Fairy Castle, to learn modelling from the comfort of your own home.


Modern, contemporary designs

Vintage style was everywhere for a while, but that seems to be taking a back seat recently, making way for a more contemporary, clean style. The ornate, antique aesthetic is steadily being replaced by clean lines and simple colour palettes. We’re pretty excited about this one, so watch this space for lots of new tutorials channelling a modern vibe in the new year.



Cake Frame

One of the wonderful, Dawn Butler’s creations – the Cake Frame is a display stand system that’s perfect for taking the stress out of making gravity defying, inverted or stacked cakes.


Dinkydoodle Airbrush

Another of Dawn Butler’s inventions cake designers have been raving about is the Dinkydoodle Airbrush. It’s a nifty device to help you perfect your piping – ideal for shading, blending and creating 3D effects.


Ones to watch

There were a couple of names on everyone’s lips at this year’s Cake International. Here are a few designers we reckon are tipped for the top in 2017.

Ben the Cake Man

An award winning chef from the West Midlands, we’re pleased to say this epic cake designer will be joining us for a guest tutorial in the new year. His stunning wedding cakes have caught the eye and imagination of cake enthusiasts across the land, and we can’t wait to see what new designs he comes up with over the year ahead.


Jessica MV

Another rising star is floral aficionado Jessica MV, whose intricate flowers are making waves in the cake world. Her mission is to ‘bring modern cake art to art lovers’ and we reckon she’s up to the challenge!


What trends, tools or inspirational cake designers did you see at Cake International 2016?

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