New Year, New Skills: Elevate Your Cake Decorating Skills

Happy New Year, CakeFlix Family! As 2024 rolls in, I bet many of you are scribbling down those New Year’s resolutions. Are you thinking of giving your cake decorating skills a boost? Well,

Using Buttercream FREE tutorials

Using Buttercream FREE tutorials

guess what? You’ve hit the jackpot here at CakeFlix. We’re super pumped (and I mean jumping-out-of-our-seats excited) to help you master those key skills, whether it involves wrestling with fondant, taming buttercream, or something else entirely. Let’s make 2024 a rollercoaster ride of sweet, sugary triumphs in cake decorating!


Firstly, let’s delve into buttercream. It might seem simple, but it’s surprisingly easy to get wrong. We’ll guide you step by step. You’ll learn how to create smooth buttercream, perfect for both layering and piping. Interested in more details? Visit our ‘Using Buttercream’ tutorial on CakeFlix. It’s filled with tips to refine your skills. If you need help to know how much ganache to use for your specific cake then check out our Buttercream  Calculator.

Using Ganache FREE tutorial

Using Ganache FREE tutorials


Ganache is more than just chocolate and cream; it’s a symbol of luxury on your cakes. Although it’s a vital skill, many find it daunting. A recent study showed that almost half of home bakers find working with ganache to be challenging. Our tutorial simplifies it. We cover three chocolate types: white, milk, and dark. All you need is double cream and chocolate. The tutorial explores each chocolate’s unique properties, along with practical application tips. Check out our ‘Using Ganache’ tutorial to enhance your skills. If you need help to know how much ganache to use for your specific cake then check out our Ganache Calculator.

Royal Icing

Royal Icing FREE tutorials

Royal Icing FREE tutorials

Lastly, let’s explore royal icing. This technique adds elegance to cakes. In our lesson, you’ll discover the best tips and tricks. We cover everything from basic recipes to intricate piping. Our expert, Ceri, offers straightforward advice, making even complex tasks manageable. Dive into our Royal Icing course and watch your cakes transform into royal delights.

Remember, the road to perfection is littered with wonky cakes and icing mishaps – and that’s perfectly okay! CakeFlix is right here to cheer you on. We’ve got tutorials, tips, and heaps of encouragement. Also, check out our plans on CakeFlix for more resources. We’re offering some very special deals in our New Year sale. Happy decorating! Here’s to a year of creating scrumptious cakes.

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