Carla Puig – Pretty in Pink

Cake Life asked Mish Pattinson, our roving reporter, to interview Carla Puig and was given an instruction to find out ‘what she is like’
 Carla Puig has been teaching at Zoe’s Fancy Cakes Leeds for 10 days during which time she has taught four two day classes. On her day off she visited York, which she loved as she is a huge Harry Potter fan and The Shambles reminded her of Diagon Alley.
 Carla, Richard Eccles and Zoe Hopkinson of Zoe’s Fancy Cakes
Carla is wearing a black Chefs jacket (though she tells her students to wear white), floral jeggings and the best pink suede trainers. Not the best footwear for the Yorkshire snow but so glamorous!

The Real Carla

 Carla was born, grew up and still lives in Girona, Spain.  Her father is a hairdresser (Carla spent many hours watching him as a child) and her mother is a secretary.

Carla is married and lives with her husband, a poodle and a brown labrador.  Carla is 29 years old.

Finding any spare time is tricky when you are travelling as much as Carla but she loves to sculpt, she used to draw and paint but not since she discovered sculpting.

When being asked ‘what has been her favourite piece she has made so far’ is always a hard question for artists but Carla was quite instant with her reply – “Belle The Crying Lady” made for American Cake Decorating magazine.

Carla tells Mish that she would love to re-create Lady Gaga as she has an interesting face and features, now that would be a challenge!

Carla’s favourite cake tool is Cerart 301 and having been sculpting for just two years, anyone can see that Carla has huge talent. The best advice Carla can give is to practice and practice some more, she said don’t be afraid to try new things, be more adventurous.

Carla at the Cake Masters Awards, winning sculpted cake award November 2017 with Queen of Sculpting Karen Portaleo who won “Cake Hero” award for the second year.

My mum said I should prepare a speech just in case.  I didn’t listen, I was shaking so much I can’t remember what I said

So what next for Carla?  Whatever happens, and it’s sure to be good, Carla will be facing life wearing her best pink shoes and achieving her dreams as Dorothy said, ‘the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true’

Watch out for our part two of this article with PBSS students work from Carla’s class!

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