Carry on Ganaching! New Charts and Recipes

In this guest post, madeitwithlove brings us some exciting and easy new recipes for chocolate syrup and soft ganache, as well as updated versions of the super helpful charts which her hubby previously put together!…Enjoy!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you guys have all enjoyed a great, busy summer. Autumn is here and so are thoughts of planning for winter festivities. I love Paul’s Halloween cakes and can’t wait to see what he has in store for us all for Christmas. Whatever it is, I know he won’t disappoint! Before all that though, it’s time again for Cake International at Birmingham in November. I always look forward to this particular show as it signals to me to start planning Christmas cake decorating.

Today, I just want to quickly share with you my hubby’s upgraded Ganache Quantities Charts and a couple of small recipes for different applications. We are all making taller cakes so the existing chart which was posted back in 2013 will be short of amounts required. If you are using the current ganache chart guide, please continue using it for one layer filling and crumb coating. If you have any questions regarding the new charts, either leave a comment below or hop over to Q&A and post any queries you may have there.

As always the amounts shown are guidelines. It is possible that you may need a little more or a little less. It really depends how thickly you fill each layer. Below are the updated charts, as well as a couple of recipes which you may like to try!


Ganache Quantities Charts 

These charts are for up to two fillings and a crumbcoat.


Click here for the Covering and 1 Filled Layer

Mmmm, simple choco syrup and soft ganache…delicious AND easy.


Simple Chocolate Syrup Recipe

Perfect to help chocolate cake layers stay moist!

10g good quality cocoa powder (not drinking chocolate)
80g sugar
90ml/g water
Vanilla bean or flavour of your choice

In a saucepan bring all the ingredients to a boil for a minute. Cool down the syrup and add a little vanilla bean extract (or a flavour of your choice or a tablespoon of your favourite tipple). Brush the cake layers of your chocolate cake to add moisture. This makes approximately 140ml of liquid syrup after slight reduction during boiling. The syrup will keep for at least a month in the fridge stored in a sterilised jar or bottle.


Soft Ganache Recipe

This recipe is sufficient for filling an 8” cake and for piping.

300g dark chocolate 50% – 55%
260ml double cream
40ml your choice of liqueur
60g soft butter

Place the chocolate and butter in a bowl. Bring the cream to the boil and pour over the chocolate. Allow the hot cream to penetrate all of the chocolate then gently mix the ingredients, working from the middle of the bowl outwards. Once combined and shiny, add liqueur and continue combining until smooth. When the liqueur is added, the ganache will look split but don’t worry, it isn’t. Keep combining and work using a gentle folding action from the centre of the bowl as before and it will come together. If you don’t want to use liqueur, omit it and just use equal quantities of cream and chocolate with the butter. The ganache will be quite liquid/runny but don’t whisk as you’ll incorporate too much air into the mix. Cover the surface of your runny ganache with cling film to prevent a skin forming. Expel any air and leave to set overnight, no need to refrigerate. The following day you’ll have smooth silky ganache ready for filling and piping. For maximum flavour, use a good quality chocolate or couverture.

Tip for Piping Ganache
Fill two separate bags, when one begins to get very soft from the heat of your hands, swap over to keep the consistency even.


That’s all from me folks, happy caking and be safe! Xx


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