Chocolate Truffles by ‘madeitwithlove’

Basic chocolate truffles are quick and easy to make, they can be either be dipped in tempered chocolate or rolled in cocoa powder.
The recipe below yields 12 walnut size pieces and has a shelf life of approximately 6 weeks.


    • 150g good dark/milk or white chocolate (preferably couverture)
    • 75ml whipping cream
    • 15g liquid glucose
    • 2 teaspoons liqueur of your choice
    • 200g extra tempered couverture chocolate for dipping the truffles
    • Requires piping bag, plain or fancy nozzle and thermometer


Mix together the glucose and cream and bring to the boil

Pour over the chocolate, wait a minute and stir to make a smooth ganache, add liqueur and mix in without over stirring.
Cool ganache to piping consistency and pipe out 12 walnut sized mounds, leave to set.


 step-1-280x210 step-2-280x193

Temper the 200g of chocolate.

Then dip the piped mounds (as shown below) and shake off any excess chocolate, then place on parchment paper.

step-3-280x147 step-4-280x210 step-5-280x193

You can decorate with crushed nuts or chocolate flakes before the chocolate sets or decorate with lustre and edible glitter after chocolate sets.

Embellish in any other way which takes your imagination..


More Information

For chocolate tempering follow Paul’s guidance here
Packaging for truffles is available in Hobbycraft
Alternatively use cellophane bags and tie a pretty ribbon for presentation.

Merry Christmas,


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