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Wreath-on-chair-640x426It’s that time of year again where creative people add their style and design to the festive decorations.

I know this is a website dedicated to creating amazing cakes, but creative people tend to cross over into many other disciplines so when we had the opportunity to film this extra tutorial showing how to make your very own Christmas Wreath we jumped at the chance.

Natasha Bell of Tupelo Tree Garden, is a woodland florist and illustration artist based in Fife, Scotland. As well as managing her shop in Perth, Natasha creates seasonal dried wreaths and runs workshops teaching people how to safely forage for their materials and correctly assemble and design their own home-made, hand crafted wreaths.

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Growing up, Natasha moved around a lot with her family, in fact she is now living in her sixteenth house! She mostly lived in old houses which came with big messy gardens, unkempt and wild, and woods close by. That is when her love of the outdoors began.

Tupelo Tree Garden originally started as Tupelo Tree, an illustration and print business where Natasha sold her original artwork and prints online and at markets and continues to do so to date. It wasn’t until two years ago that Natasha happened to come across a job as a florist in her home town. It wasn’t long before she realized what a perfect fit it was for her creativity and passion. Now, as an independent freelance florist and illustrator, Natasha travels around central Scotland for weddings and workshops and also exhibits her collection of her dried wreaths, floral arrangements and illustration prints at markets across the region.


Natasha sells a variety of planted arrangements at her lovely little shop in Perth, such as lush arrangements in old china teacups, wooden bowls, glass recycled jars and old tins. This is also where all of her flower arrangements for her wedding clients are created, and in the near future there are plans to expand Tupelo Tree Garden and open a flower stand selling fresh flowers including small arrangements, bouquets, and uncommon stems with specific medicinal purposes which Natasha will educate her customers about.

All of Tupelo Tree Garden’s work has a beautifully rustic feel to it – Natasha’a floristry has a wild aesthetic as she uses foraged greenery and seasonal blooms where she can, whilst her artwork is structured, neat and made up of intricately detailed lines. Natasha’s illustrations draw all of her interests together – a trademark image that seems to reoccur in her work is that of a grand stag head with tangled antlers and her scenes of woodlands, trees and flowers are just as charming.

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