Epic cake fails: when baking goes bad

In the colourful world of cake decorating, things don’t always go to plan. Whether down to miscommunication, lack of skills or plain old stupidity – cakes can, and will, go wrong. And the internet is rife with epic cake fails to laugh at and learn from…

Graduation cat

Photo credit: Daily Mail

When a mother from Indiana ordered a lovely graduation cake for her daughter, Laura, she was rather surprised to find a cat perched upon the image of her beloved child’s head. Especially because she had asked for a cap…

Luckily, the family saw the funny side. “I can only imagine them doing it and thinking I was going to vet school or something,” Laura told GoodMorningAmerica.com.


In defense of cake decorators everywhere – it isn’t always our fault. Sometimes you just have to go with the brief you’ve been given. Which is exactly how situations like this can occur…

Don’t get mad

Some superheroes are easier to create in cake form than others, and the Hulk certainly poses a challenge. As evidenced by this photo shared on Reddit by a young chap called Alex, whose mother had lovingly crafted the big green guy in time for her son’s birthday. Well, he’s green…

Photo credit: Reddit user pkthunder01


The not-so-Happy Birthday cake

Who needs enemies when you have friends like these?

Photo credit: cakewrecks.com

Photo credit: cakewrecks.com

Looks good enough to… eat?

While we can’t deny the sheer mastery that’s gone into this cake, we can’t help but notice it’s a little too realistic looking to eat.

Photo credit: michellecakes.co.uk


Scary Cinderella

From the sublime to the ridiculous. Kind of underlines the reason you shouldn’t promise your customer things you can’t deliver. Unless you promise to deliver their children nightmares.

Photo credit: popsugar.com

Photo credit: popsugar.com

Quite literally cake

There is such a thing as taking a brief a little too literally. There’s also such a thing as being a wee bit daft.

Photo credit: Viral Nova

Photo credit: Viral Nova


Baaaa-d idea

Treading the line between cutesy and terrifying is a treacherous path. Watch our tutorials and stay on the cute side.

Photo credit: Viral Nova

Happy Canada Day!

On 1st July every year, we like to wish our friends across the pond a very happy… oh.

Photo credit: Viral Nova

Photo credit: Viral Nova


Snap happy

And last but not least – the memory stick a client provided with photos on it for the cake… ended up as a photo on the cake! And all over the internet…

Photo credit: Huffington Post


Have you ever made a terrible mistake with an order? Share your confession below…

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