15 cake decorators who took their orders a little too literally!

As cake decorators, we know it’s super important to listen extremely carefully to our customers to make sure we make the cake that they really want! However, sometimes it’s easy to misunderstand an instruction if you’re run off your feet! Today we look at some of the more literal interpretations that cake designers have taken from their customers’ orders!

I bet the photo is still on that flashdrive!


photo credit: cakewrecks.com

1. Well at least it’s purple



2. Well, they followed the instructions!


photo credit:from reddit user darkplane13

3. We can only presume the customer wanted a graduated CAP


photo credit: reddit

4. Not all cake designers are that creative!


photo credit: cakewrecks.com

5. Oh dear…



6. If you want nothing written on your cake, you’ll get nothing written on your cake!


photo credit: @GeorgeDuranEats on Twitter

7. No idea how they didnt spot this one!

sub-buzz-23424-1466112804-1 (1)

photo credit: reddit

8. Bon anniversaire!


photo credit: cakewrecks.com

9. Something against Texas?


photo credit: cakewrecks.com

10. The customer asked for “Happy 9th Birthday” and unfortuantely send the request from their iPhone!


photo credit: bluemavis on imgur

11. This must have been trickier than 5 rings!


photo credit: amusingplanet.com

12. That’s a lot of congratulations!


photo credit: amusingplanet.com

13. Stars and sprinkles!


photo credit: reddit

14. Must have been from a really good friend!

sub-buzz-26782-1466181891-5 (1)

photo credit: reddit

15. A frustrated happy birthday


photo credit: imgur


Tell us about any literal cakes you’ve seen in the comments!

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