Paul’s Stories: Lunch with the Prince

As some of you will know the PSYBT (Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust) helped start Paul Bradford Designer Cakes way back in the good old days! Without the help of the Trust we wouldn’t be here today…So THANKS guys! It was about 8 years in to the business when I received the letter… The first thing that I noticed was the POSH hand writing on the envelope… You don’t see that much apart from Christmas time from a certain Auntie…lol. Anyway, having no idea this letter was on it’s way to me, I open it (Charlie and the chocolate factory Golden ticket feeling)… The front has a beautiful royal crest in gold…AT THIS POINT MY HEART IS BEATING WAY TOO FAST… After making 5 or 6 cakes for Balmoral (The Queen’s Highland house in Scotland) I’ve finally been recognised…! (that’s another Monday story) BUT no, it’s an invite to Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, the Royals Edinburgh Pad…! OMGoodness lunch at the Palace to meet the Prince….WHO ME! So we’re all jumping around in the shop mega excited but then I spot there’s no plus one…! I needed to go without David 🙁 David’s cool about it, but I’m not I’m ‘Sugaring’ myself about it…!

It’s now the morning of the big day, I’m squeezing in to my suit as Kilt was not the dress code for lunch… I made 6 Cupcakes first thing but I’m thinking does this look silly taking a box of cakes for the Prince… MUM walks in and DEMANDS I take the bloody cakes…! lol Thanks Mum x

So I’m walking up to the Palace and spot some of the other businesses from around the area so start to feel a little less stressed, I walk in to this AMAZING room where all these people are networking (David’s Job, not mine). So I need to be brave and chat! Before I know it I’m chatting to this older guy in a wheel chair fully dressed in a tartan suit! with a big curly moustache… I’m now speaking in my posh telephone voice…hehe!

This chap is very posh bear in mind…! Then I spot the whisky in hand and it’s only lunch time… He spoke for about 10 minutes constant before I could respond… I kid you not every second word was the F-word so I’m now in a panic that were going to be asked to leave the room as he was not fecking quiet either…! Of all the people to talk to… I must say it’s quite funny hearing a posh person talk like this… so I’m half giggling inside but cool on the outside…! The next thing I’m told to stand in line. HRH Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall are coming…!
I feel like a plonker holding my wee box of Cupcakes and want to chuck them away…! I see this Lady coming down whispering to every one… I’m told to shake hands and start with “Your Royal Highness” then Sir there after…! The Lady then takes the box of cakes from me to give to them later… (I’m thinking that’s them gone in the bin).

In my head I’m going to tell him that I’m the cake maker who makes the funny cakes for Balmoral… Before I know it he’s said hello, I’ve said hello, we chatted about something and he’s on to the next person…aaahhhhh

Right, I’ll get my story ready for Camilla I bow my head and say hello and she starts to talk…! She’s lovely, but all I could understand was CUPCAKE when she talked it was soooooo posh it was like… blahblah blah blah CUPCAKE lalablaahlala and so on… So I just smiled and said that’s lovely…! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SHE SAID…! BUT man I was just so happy I survived…!
I’m now skipping out the Palace about to meet David when we spot the Royal party heading to the Helicopter and guess what I see? my cupcakes being loaded in by the Lady… HOW cool is that!

Feeaawweeeeew the end. Px

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