Ex-boxer creates spectacular 13-foot tall fairytale cake

Boxing up a treat! ?

Combat sport and cake decorating might seem worlds apart to most. However, this isn’t the case for boxer-turned-cake-maker Renat Agzamov.

A former champion boxer, Agzamov seems to have taken to the kitchen as well as he did the ring if his latest creation is anything to go by!

A whopping wedding cake…

Created for the marriage of two high-profile Kazakhs, the 13-foot tall wedding cake is estimated at a whopping worth £128,000 ($310,000)!

The Russian Agzamov claims to have made over 2,700 cakes since retiring from the squared circle. However, none as high-profile as this.

The feedback…

The massive cake, which was made in the shape of a castle, was served to guests at the lavish wedding.

Attended by many prominent politicians and renowned names from numerous Arabic countries, the cake drew some criticism for the cost with some claiming that it was a waste of money and resources.

Although most have praised the cake for it’s intricate design and attention to detail.

What do you think about this lavish wedding cake? A waste of money or an impressive piece of art? let us know in the comments below!

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