Learning the Art of Cake Decorating with the help of Tutorials

We were contacted a little while ago, by Carolina, the proud mum of Bella, to tell us how Bella (who is only 9!), went on to win Best of Division in the Youth Category, at National Area Capital Cake Show after creating her own version of my Craftsy Under the Sea Adventure Cake Tutorial. Bella has really demonstrated, that with sheer determination and passion for cake decorating, comes not only fantastic cakes, but can also reap the rewards! She is truly an inspiration to cake decorators out there who are starting out and wanting to make a beautiful cake for a customer or competition – and demonstrates that anything is achievable if you put your mind to it!

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Bella’s Cake Decorating Adventure

Bella’s mum Carolina, tells us about Bella’s cake decorating journey, and how she came about winning her outstanding award!

“Bella started decorating cakes when she was 5. Very ambitious, my little Bella—she wanted to compete and so she did. She has won many first places in the youth category, which she has enjoyed and have driven her intent to continue in the cake field. Bella is currently 9 years old (will be 10 on May 22) and she wanted to make an ocean themed cake for the National Area Capital Cake Show in Virginia, USA. She asked me to purchase your Craftsy class after she researched cakes online for inspiration. She saw your video a few times and then we sat down to discuss how to take your cake and create her own version of it. Because, as a decorator myself, I want her to learn to be inspired by others—not to copy other people’s work. She’s very creative and took your recommendations very seriously.”

“I truly enjoyed watching the video myself and so did she (5 times). She made an ombré color instead of ivory using modelling chocolate and used Isomalt instead of chocolate for the coral reefs. She hand-modelled the sea creatures—with exception of the sea shells, because she preferred the look of melted chocolate in a mould. She also stylized the Yellow Sea urchins to her liking. She added sponge tubes too and other little things here and there! I truly enjoyed watching her make the the pebbles! What an ingenious way of creating them, I must say!”

“It took her 1 week to make the cake but it truly paid off when she won first place in her category and won Best of Division in the Youth Category. Thank you for your beautiful class. You are so detailed and passionate in this class that she simply could not stop watching it and was utterly engrossed the entire time. You are truly an inspiration.”

Congratulations and Happy Birthday Bella!

Thank you Bella and Carolina for sharing Bella’s inspiring Success Story! What an amazing girl and an amazing cake.We would firstly like to wish Bella a huge congratulations on winning her award but we would also like to wish her Happy Birthday (whose birthday is today!) from all of us here at PBSS! We hope you have a wonderful day and keep up the fantastic cake decorating! We are sure Bella will be some serious competition for Paul very soon! 😉
It really goes to show, that online cake decorating tutorials are an excellent resource for any cake decorating hints and tips you may need to make your perfect, award winning cake! If you would like to try out Paul’s Underwater Sea Adventure at Craftsy, you can check it out here.
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