Olympic Cakes Breaching Copyright


No matter where you are in the world right now, it is easy to guess what the most talked about sporting event is. The Olympic Games.  This presents a great opportunity for us cake decorators, since hot topics make for desirable cake designs.

6444183_2f31b26afa_m-280x280However, don’t go looking out your blue, black, red, yellow and green sugarpaste just yet. Something we’ve been made aware of is the copyright issue surrounding the use of the Olympic rings. Crazy, I know! Some people have been oblivious that they are breaching copyright issues over the matter, from bakeries displaying beautifully decorated cakes, to fruit stalls arranging their produce to look like the Olympic rings. In an ideal world, we would be allowed to turn whatever we like into cakey masterpieces, but of course this is not the case.

This isn’t all doom and gloom in our eyes though. When thinking of an event such as the Olympics, breach of copyright can easily be avoided. For example, as we all know the Olympic Games is so much more than just a logo of coloured rings. Have fun, get creative and make sugar cupcake toppers such as Gold, bronze and silver  medals, tennis rackets, footballs, horse rosettes, riding hats, running shoes, swimming goggles, boxing gloves and last but certainly not least the abundance of Olympian figures you could replicate.

So there you have it, although avoiding breach of copyright can be a pain, the fun of getting creative with your cake designs easily outweighs the hassle! Don’t give Mr Copyright the satisfaction of pointing his disapproving the finger at your beautiful cakes!

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