A Fine Mess Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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A Fine Mess
with Maisie Parrish
Skill level: Easy
HD Lessons: 9
Decorating time: half day
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Here, we’ve carefully selected the key parts from the entire tutorial and condensed it into a 11 min long video. More than enough to get you started without taking too much time.

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1. Making the shoes

In the first part of this cake tutorial, Maisie shows us how to mould the shoes of our character. She then shows us how to add a stitching effect onto the shoes before adding laces.

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2. Making the legs

In part 2 of our tutorial, Maisie shows us how to make legs which will support the little boy’s body. In the tutorial, Maisie uses wooden dowels for support but the frame could also easily be secured with spaghetti if you’d prefer.

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3. Making the body

In part 3 of our tutorial, Maisie starts by rolling out cone shapes of blue and yellow sugarpaste which she then turns into the upper and lower half of the body. She then shows us how to add the waistband and bib.

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4. Adding the clothes

In part 4 of our tutorial, Maisie creates some cute overalls for our little decorator using some sugarpaste and a stitchy tool.

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5. Making the head

Maisie is famous for her cute models and here we see just how beautifully simple her techniques are. In part 5 of this tutorial, we learn how we can create adorable little characters with minimal effort.

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6. Finishing touches

In the final part of this tutorial, Maisie adds some hair and a cute hat before finishing off her design with splashes of paint to create the fine mess.

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7. Other ideas

Maisie shares some other ideas you can try out during this project. We’re sure you’ve some of your own, and we’d love to see what brilliant alterations you’ve made.

Share your pics with us on our Facebook page.

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8. Pro lesson

In this lesson, Paul shares some insider information about the cost to make this cake, as well as pricing, portions and other vital information for any professional cake designer.

In this weeks cake tutorial, we are joined by best selling author Maisie Parrish (the queen of characters). Maisie has come along to show us how to make an adorable little boy who seems to have got himself into a bit of a mess, as little boys have been known to do!!!(and even some bigger boys as well)

This tutorial will give you great insight in how to create different sugar characters in your own unique style and the design is perfect as a topper for a birthday cake. However, the skills learned in this cake tutorial can be adapted for all different types of occasion.

Follow this cake tutorial with Maisie to pick up some new skills and techniques which include:

  • How to make edible clothes,
  • modelling work,
  • working with your hands
  • edible painting and much more.
  • Suggestions for other cakes and characters you can make using the basis of this tutorial

This tutorial is perfect for a beginner cake designer looking to expand their skills and move into modelling.

We’d love to see your take on the A Fine Mess – so make sure you share your photos with us on our Facebook page.

You can also use our recently updated cake calculator to work out portions, ganache, sugarpaste and more.

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Maisie Parrish

Maisie Parrish

Maisie Parrish is a self taught international sugar artist, who has created a unique style which is instantly recognisable and much copied. People often tell her she has magic hands, and when she begins to work, then something magical does indeed happen.

Her work is widely acclaimed, and her fans travel across the world to be taught by her in her studio in Stoke on Trent, where she runs a successful business, teaching, demonstrating, writing books, and making DVD'S and tutorials in order to satisfy the demand from her dedicated followers.

Originally she taught herself how to make cute figures in salt dough, and eventually created the most successful dough craft company in the UK called Maisie Dough. A high point came when she completed two books on this subject, and was asked to create a range for the animation giant Walt Disney in Florida, nothing she did or does ever starts out as a hobby.

After being invited to try her hand at creating three dimensional figures in sugar, and the rest is history. People find it difficult to believe that she has never actually baked cakes for anyone, this was never in the scheme of things, because all the work she creates is published. Now with 12 successful book titles, and an amazing catalogue of work, she continues to travel the world making friends and sharing her unique modelling skills. Most of her cakes tell a story, and so the story for the QUEEN OF CHARACTERS continues with great success.

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