Handbag Heaven pt 1 Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Handbag Heaven pt 1
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Advanced Cake Decorating | CakeFlix - Skill Level Courses
HD Lessons: 10
Decorating time: 2 days
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In this video, we have carefully summarised the key parts from part 1 of this tutorial and condensed it into a 6 min long video. More than enough to get you started without taking up too much of your time.

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1. Making the stand

Learn how to make a sturdy cake stand that will hold a three-tier structure. You may choose to use plywood for the base as it’s a stronger wood. However, MDF also worked well for Paul. 

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2. Preparing the cakes

Here Paul cuts his cakes to shape in preparation for being ganached, leaving him lots of spare cake which can always be used for another project.

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3. Ganaching the cakes

As no one will be eating this cake, Paul doesn’t layer his in the video so to not waste ganache, but ideally, it would be better to cut it horizontally and layer it nice and thickly. Paul then cuts off the lips of ganache after bringing the cakes out of the fridge before adding more ganache to the side of the cake and then smoothing it down with a wet metal side scraper.

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4. Covering the cakes pt 1

Paul now smooths the cakes off with a wet pastry brush before covering them in 3mm thick sugarpaste, the sugarpaste is cut to size and then rolled over the top before covering the front and back in separate panels.

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5. Covering the cakes pt 2

In this instance, Paul’s use of a high-quality sugarpaste on the design has actually made life more difficult for him. You can always do as Paul does and add the design before applying the panels but just be careful not to lose detail.

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6. Painting the cakes

Paul now gets out some lovely dusts which are noted in the ingredients section, he mixes them with alcohol to achieve a nice thin paint.

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7. Decorating the first handbag

Here we see just how much you can achieve with just some sugarpaste and a stitchy tool. It’s always good idea to have a handbag or a picture of a handbag in front of you for reference sake whilst working on your design.

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8. Finishing the first handbag

Here, we see Paul add the trimming to the handbag before making the all important handles for the bags.

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9. Finishing touches

In this lesson Paul shows us how to get a lovely quilted look using a set square and a PME modelling tool.

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OK, so you have probably seen a handbag cake BUT, have you seen three completely different handbags stacked one on top of another? Sounds ambitions doesn’t it?
Well, Paul has pulled out all the stops to bring us this gravity defying design that has been split into two parts.
In the first part of our cake tutorial, Paul focuses on making the stand and creating the fully edible handbags. Then in part 2 Paul stacks the cakes and makes all the decorations, including the beautiful model hanging off the finished design.
This three-tier stacked handbag cake would be perfect for an elaborate birthday celebration or perhaps the opening of a shop? And the skills learned from this tutorial will allow you to adapt the design to suit your needs.
In this tutorial, you will learn many new skills and techniques including, carving, ganaching, making a handbag cake, edible flowers, advanced modelling, edible painting, creating lovely textures and lots more.

We’d love to see your take on the Handbag Heaven cake – so make sure you share your photos with us on our Facebook page.

We have also recently improved our calculator page so you can re-calculate your recipes, working how much ganache to use, how much sugarpaste and how many portions you will get.


Happy caking!!!


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