Armature standing lady Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Armature standing lady
with Margherita Ferrara
Skill level: Advanced
HD Lessons: 9
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1. Making the head

In this lesson, we learn how to create the head from one piece of sugarpaste. It’s all about lots of little movements and keeping everything in proportion.

For the full tutorial and tools and ingredients see Lady Papillon 

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2. Painting the head part 1

In this lesson, we see how to delicately paint the face using lovely Renshaw gel colours and very fine tip paint brushes.

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3. Painting the head part 2

Here we see Margherita finishing the eyes.

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4. Making the legs

Margherita now makes a leg from a ball of sugarpaste that is rolled into a sausage and then brought to shape with little indentations.

Apologies for the poor audio between 8:10-9:40 we had to switch mics temporarily.

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5. Making the torso

Margherita moulds bust from the sugarpaste.

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6. Making the arms

Margherita now shows us how to make the arm on our armature model.

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7. Putting the body together

Margherita now shows us how to put the body together.

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8. Adding the dress

Margherita now creates our models dress.

Apologies for the lack of audio between 28-29 mins, but we didn’t want to edit it out as the picture paints a thousand words.

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9. Finishing the dress and adding the hair

It’s now time to complete our model by finishing her dress and adding her hair.

Margherita Ferrara

Margherita Ferrara

Margherita Ferrara was born in Turin, Italy and graduated with a degree in Fashion and Costume art. Following graduation, she worked for major national and international fashion companies. In 2002 she moved to Rome to continue working in the fashion world. In the end of 2012 she discovered her passion for sculpting. In April 2013 she formed Fashflower's cake decorating classes and organizing national and international events. One of the most important sculptures for CinecittàWorld's President reproducing Dante Ferretti Elephant. Cake Design World meets Fashion The first cake design event was a Cake Art Of Denim, a collaboration with McArthurGlen company. It goes to work and starting from Cake Factory, it's a personal and unicamp, but it's not just a spectator. Cake Factory took place for the first time in Rome March 2014 and then in Florence in November 2014. She is always in "work in progress" thinking about and working on new and innovative ideas.
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