Christmas Tree Cupcakes Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Christmas Tree Cupcakes
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Easy
HD Lessons: 4
Decorating time: 2 Hours
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1. Preparing the Decorations

Paul shows you how to prepare the decorations ready to be added to these stylish Christmas Tree Cupcakes, for a great course on making the cupcakes click here and for instructions on how to cover the cupcakes you can follow the lessons found here.

Note: The tiny rose decorating technique is shown in lesson 3, but may be worth making now if you’re looking to build in the drying time.


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2. Decorating - Part 1

In this lesson Paul shows you how to make the first 3 cupcakes :
  • Snowflake christmas tree

  • Rose leaf

  • Trio of trees


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3. Decorating - Part 2

Lesson 3 teaches you how to make the other 3 cupcakes in the course :
  • Blue rose tree

  • Sparkle flake tree

  • Decorated tree


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4. Other Ideas

Paul chats about possible other ideas that could be used when creating these yummy cupcakes!

Learn to make these super stylish Christmas Tree Cupcakes! Ideal for the beginner or those of you wanting something a little different in time for Christmas, we hope to inspire you with the lovely swirly tree decorations and miniature roses. Paul drew his inspiration from Frances Macnaughtan’s Fairy book as well as Alma’s Cupcakes.

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford´s mission is to ‘Empower people to achieve their cake decorating dreams’ by providing a range of cake decorating courses and online tutorials through their website, which currently teaches 195,000+ students.  
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