Police Call Box Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Police Call Box
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 11
Decorating time: 4-6 Hours
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1. Tardis Cake - Stacking the Cake

Paul shows you how to prepare and stack the Tardis cake securely, which is essential due to its relatively tall design.
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2. Tardis Cake - Ganaching the Cake

After cooling the cake for around 10-15 mins after the previous lesson, it’s time to carve the cake into a much sharper shape followed by a full covering of ganache.
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3. Tardis Cake - Covering the Sides

Once the cake has chilled after the previous ganache covering, it’s time to start the primary icing of the cake.
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4. Tardis Cake - Adding the Panels

Using the provided template in the templates section you can create the various sugarpaste layers to make up the Tardis detailing. Paul will show you where everything goes and the techniques used to apply the panels.
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5. Tardis Cake - Adding the Roof

Sugarpaste is used for the roof section of the Tardis. This section is quite a tricky shape to achieve, as you can see by Pauls first attempt, but we’ll get there with a clever technique and some quick thinking.
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6. Tardis Cake - Airbrushing

Airbrushing the cake adds that extra realism and more accurate colour to the Tardis, just make sure not to over do it as it’s sometimes tricky to put the airbrush down!
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7. Tardis Cake - Icing the Board

Outer space seems the logical choice for the board design and Paul teaches you a neat, two join icing technique as well as a very sci-fi paint flick finish.
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8. Tardis Cake - Detailing the Windows

The Tardis is certainly taking shape now and it’s really the small details left, in this lesson Paul talks about the Police Box logos and how you may want to print them using edible ink / paper. We also add the details to the windows at the top to add that extra authenticity.
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9. Tardis Cake - Finishing Touches

You can almost breathe a sigh of relief as Paul shows you how to apply the finishing touches to the cake including the notice on the front and that all important light on the top.
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10. Tardis Cake - Other Ideas

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11. Tardis Cake - Pro Lesson

Learn to make this awesome Tardis Cake, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of sci-fi television favourite Dr Who we have a cake course for all the fans to Enjoy.

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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