Rudolph the Reindeer Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Rudolph the Reindeer
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 8
Decorating time: 4 - 6 Hours
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1. Carving and Ganaching

If you’ve tried the Friendly Dragon tutorial then the carving is exactly the same. If not, then its simply case of getting the stand foodsafe then shaping the cake and head then applying ganache in the usual way.
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2. Covering the Cake

Covering the body and head separately just work with the sugarpaste to get a smooth finish and unlike the Dragon this will be shown so spend some time with it.
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3. Covering the Legs and Board

If choosing a larger animal then you might chose to add some depth to the legs with Rice Krispie treats, either way its a simple case of covering the legs with sugarpaste. The board needs to be covered in sections.
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4. Adding the Chest and Eyes

Simple techniques used to great effect to get the chest area and eyes in place.
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5. Decorating the Head

The smile and eyes are the key areas for showing Rudolph’s expression so have a play until you get the pose that’s right for you and no Rudolph would be complete without the antlers.
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6. Finishing Touches

Spend a bit of time finishing the cake off and feel free to add some festive decorations to fit the occasion and finish off with a glaze spray to give it a shine.
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7. Other Ideas

In this lesson, Paul shares some other ideas that can be used in the creation of this cake.
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8. Pro Lesson

Get prepared for Christmas with this fantastic Rudolph the Reindeer cake! Paul guides you through the techniques and skills needed to make this fantastic Rudolph which is based on the Friendly Dragon Cake structure and uses the same stand.

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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