Doc Martens Boot Cake Tutorial Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Doc Martens Boot Cake Tutorial
with Rose Macefield
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 12
Decorating time: Four Hours (approximately)
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1. Preparing the Board

If time is of the essence why not watch the whole tutorial is under 10 mins!

First things first. Let’s prepare the board. Rose has a cool trick up her sleeve that gives a  realistic concrete effect. There will be a bit of airbrushing involved so be prepared for this and definitely have a practise before committing to the board. As this is quite a rugged design you will get away with it not being perfect. Other than that, you will get creative with a dresden tool to make some cracks.

Download the templates here:
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2. Carving the Cake Pt 1

So the cake is made of three layers for the back of the boot (where the foot would go in) and two for the rest of the cake. Just a little bit of ganache to stick together like bricks and we can start carving the basic shape. Remember to download the pdf provided or if you are feeling adventurous you can create your own template. This part is trickier than it looks so pay close attention to how Rose lines up each side and carves bit by bit. We would definitely recommend you do some very light carving before cutting deep into the cake.
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3. Carving the Cake Pt 2

Now that we have the basic shape it’s time to fine tune it. There may be a temptation to keep hacking away, but do try and take a few moments every now and then to step back and take a look. It might be an idea to have a picture, or better yet, a doc marten boot in front of you to refer to. Bear in mind that this will be covered in ganache and then sugarpaste so don’t be afraid to cut it a little thinner than you feel looks right.
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4. Ganaching and Covering the Cake

Paul has yet again converted another cake designer to ganache! Maybe you’ll be next? Just a thin layer of ganache for this cake will do and then pop it in the fridge. This cake won’t be covered in one large piece of sugarpaste but will be done in sections. Definitely take your time with this part and remember that you can always take it off and start again.
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5. Adding Stitching Detail

It’s time to have fun with our best friend, the stitchy tool. Copy the stitching you see on the real boot or picture and make sure you have a steady hand as trying to get rid of any unwanted lines can be difficult. A bit of water and a dresden tool or your finger may work to smooth it over and start again but try your best to get it right first time round.
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6. Making the Eyelets and Laces

It’s time to start adding some more detail to the boot. What use would a boot be without laces. Rose shows us how to make quick and easy eyelets and laces. There are other ways you can do this but this is quite straightforward – a couple of PME plunger cutters, a little bit of water and some sugarpaste is all you need.
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7. Making the Sole

In this lesson we will be making the sole with one large piece of sugarpaste. You will be amazed by the realistic results achieved with one piece of sugarpaste and a dresden tool. Again, make sure you refer to your image or boot and there is a lot more room for error here as it can very easily be smoothed over or removed so take your time and have fun. We’re not finished with the sole just yet, just a few more little touches and the sole will be finished.
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8. Finishing the Sole

First of all we need to get rid of the exposed pink sugarpaste at the front of the boot. As it won’t be seen there’s no need to add any tread detail to it, but simply stick it on and cut it neatly. Now to add the signature Doc Marten stitching around the sole. You will be using a no. 2 piping nozzle but fear not if you are not accustomed to piping work as this is very simple piping.
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9. Finishing Touches

We bet you’re surprised how quickly this all came together! We are very nearly finished with just a few all important finishing touches.
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10. Other Ideas

Rose helps inspire you to make this cake unique by providing useful tips and ideas.
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11. Pro Lesson

In this lesson, Rose gives us some inside information on costs and provides advice on pricing your cake if you are making it for a client.
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12. Fast Forward

If time is of the essence, why not watch this entire tutorial in under 10 mins!

Rose Macefield introduces us to her fantastic Doc Martens Boot Cake Tutorial. A great variety of skills are used in this tutorial including carving, sugarpaste covering and detailing along with airbrushing and basic piping work. This cake is aimed at intermediate level or a beginner looking for a challenge and will take around 4 hours to make.

Once you have learned the skills used in the Dr Martens Boot Cake Tutorial they can be adapted to many different designs.

Dr. Martens boots have a rich and storied history, dating back to post-World War II Germany. Here’s a brief overview:


  • Dr. Martens boots were originally created by Dr. Klaus Märtens, a German army doctor.
  • In 1945, while recovering from a skiing accident, Dr. Märtens designed a boot with air-cushioned soles to provide comfort and support for his injured foot.
  • In 1947, Dr. Märtens partnered with engineer Herbert Funck to start producing the boots commercially.

Early Success:

  • In the 1950s, Dr. Martens boots gained popularity among working-class people in Germany due to their durability and comfort.
  • The boots were also adopted by various subcultures, including skinheads, punks, and mods.

Global Expansion:

  • In the 1960s, Dr. Martens boots began to be exported to the United Kingdom and other countries.
  • The boots quickly became popular with young people, who embraced their rebellious and anti-establishment image.
  • In the 1970s, Dr. Martens boots were adopted by mainstream fashion and became a global phenomenon.

Cultural Impact:

  • Dr. Martens boots have been worn by countless celebrities, musicians, and other cultural icons over the years.
  • The boots have been featured in movies, music videos, and other forms of media.
  • Dr. Martens boots have become a symbol of individuality, self-expression, and counterculture.

Present Day:

  • Dr. Martens is still a popular brand today, with boots and other footwear sold in over 60 countries.
  • The company has expanded its product line to include clothing, accessories, and other merchandise.
  • Dr. Martens boots remain a timeless classic that continues to be embraced by people from all walks of life.

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Rose Macefield

Rose Macefield

Since decorating her first cake in 2007, Rose now has a spectacular list of international awards under her belt including Cake International, Overall Best in Show 2013 and an amazing Cake Masters award for Overall Best In Show 2014! Rose also regularly contributes articles and tutorials to Cake Craft & Decoration Magazine and of course us at the Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School.
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