Cute Bride and Groom Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Cute Bride and Groom
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 11
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1. Making the groom’s body

In this lesson, Paul starts on the lumberjack, making the legs and body.

For the full tutorial see Lumberjack bride and groom 

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2. Finishing the body

Paul now gets some dusts out to paint the chequered shirt and add character to the rest of the body.

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3. Making the groom’s head pt 1

Paul shows us how to make a cute head, by using just one piece of flesh-coloured sugarpaste and a couple of modelling tools.

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4. Making the groom’s head pt 2

Paul adds the eyes and paints on facial hair with black dust.

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5. Finishing the lumberjack groom

Paul finishes off the lumberjack by adding cute little ears, and some more hair with little pieces of black sugarpaste.

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6. Making the bride’s body pt 1

Paul moves onto the bride, who’s wearing an ivory wedding dress – which makes things easier as there are less limbs to make!

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7. Making the bride’s body pt 2

Paul adds a stripe of colour to the dress to give the bride a lumberjack feel.

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8. Making the bride’s body pt 3

Paul makes the bride’s dress, which keeps things simple and acts as the body. Then all you have to make are the arms. You could always go a step further and make boots to match the groom.

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9. Making the bride’s head pt 1

Paul creates a head from one piece of sugarpaste, using the same techniques as used for the groom’s head, but with a more feminine touch.

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10. Making the bride’s head pt 2

Paul paints on the bride’s eyes using the same technique and colours as used for the grooms eyes. He then adds the head and makes some lovely little flowers for the bride’s bouquet.

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11. Finishing touches

Paul finishes off the bride by adding her hair, and then attaches her head to the body.

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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