Football Boots Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Football Boots
with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 17
Decorating time: 8-10 Hours
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1. Planning the Design and Carving

There are loads of football boots in the world, there are a load more boots for other sport out there too, so when you’re choosing your design, be adventurous but if it’s your first time making such an elaborate cake, be a little cautious and choose a simple design too.
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2. Ganache Part 1

This is a project for chocolate ganache and not buttercream as we need a solid base to build upon.
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3. Ganache Part 2

Paul continues to add the ganache to the cake.
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4. Ganache Part 3

We continue with the intricate ganaching, making sure to maintain the shape of the boots so when it comes to covering the cake, it still looks like boots!
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5. Icing the Cake Part 1

In this lesson, we move on to icing the cake, you’ll want to use a sharp knife to get a sharp finish.
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6. Icing the Cake Part 2

The icing stage continues with more sections covered and the addition a sugarpaste tongue on the boots.
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7. Icing the Cake Part 3

Continuing with icing the cake, we move on to some more intricate parts of the boots.

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8. Icing the Cake Part 4

It’s all coming together! And what we have is now starting to really resemble those boots!

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9. Boot Detail - Part 1

Extra stitch detail is added to the cake which really adds to the boots realism.
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10. Boot Detail - Part 2

This lesson covers the creation of some of the white sections of the boot, this includes the striped design but of course you can change this to match the style you’re aiming for. Try and use a real boot or an image for reference.
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11. Tongue

The tongue of the boot is fully created in this lesson along with the white heel section of the boot.
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12. Sole

Moving on now to the sole of the boot, Paul uses sugarpaste to create a cool looking Orange + Black sole design ready for the studs to be created and attached.
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13. Studs and Trim

A trim around the sole really finishes the base of the design to perfection, this lesson also covers the creation and attaching of the studs to the base of the sole.
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14. Glazing

A spray glaze is added to the boots – Paul uses 3 separate coats in layers to achieve the shiny and hi-gloss look of real modern football boots.
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15. Finishing Touches

Some minor finishing touches and it’s time to move the cake to the cake board, be very careful while doing this (*Take note Paul!) and if you have the time leave for 12 hours prior to this to ensure everything is dry.
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16. Other Ideas

Paul shares some other ideas for this cake, of course you could use these boots for other sports and even customise them to match your favourite players boots.
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17. Pro Lesson

The Pro lesson covers the usual factors such as pricing and how the cake can be merchandised in a shop environment.

Perfect for any football fan, the new Football Boots cake course teaches you how to make these realistic and colourful football boots right in time for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

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