Going Way Beyond Cakes with Mayen Orido Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Going Way Beyond Cakes with Mayen Orido
with Mayen Orido
HD Lessons: 5
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1. Episode 1 - Way Beyond Cakes

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2. Episode 2 - Creative cake slices - Part 1

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3. Episode 2 - Creative cake slices - Part 2

Join Mayen in this extra episode where she finishes the rest of her creative cake slices! www.waybeyondcakes.com

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4. Episode 3 - Cake Stand

remember the previous giant slice of cake? It will now go on to the cake stand we will build and the cake will have a floating piping bag on top!

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5. Episode 4 - Gravity-defying birthday cake

A fun balancing act between a cake slice and a gift box.

Going way beyond the usual cakes by adding fun gravity-defying elements to typical cake designs, let Mayen from Way Beyond Cakes take you on a gravity defying cake adventure.

Mayen Orido

Mayen Orido

If you love cake decorating then you would have heard of the wonderful Mayen Orido from Way Beyond Cakes. Mayen started out making cakes for her little boy around 6 years ago and has since gathered a huge interest for her cakes and unique cake decorating style as evident on her highly popular facebook page. Along with selling her unique cakes, Mayen also has a successful Etsy Store selling her own hand made silicone moulds and also teaches her knowledge of cake decorating around the globe.
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