Guitar Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

Tutorial Preview

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with Paul Bradford
Skill level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 8
Decorating time: 2 Hours
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1. Shaping the Cake

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2. Applying Ganache

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3. Covering the Guitar

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4. Covering the Handle

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5. Handle Details

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6. Adding the Details

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7. Completing the Details

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8. Covering the Board

The Gibson guitar is an iconic piece recognised by music enthusiasts everywhere.

Creating the guitar in cake can be quite a challenge, but here Paul takes you through each stage from the cutting out (templates provided) to the covering in two colours to the finer details surrounding the strings and tuning parts. While Paul doesn’t know the technical names he has simply followed a drawing (provided) and has been able to create an excellent replica cake.
This design can easily be adapted to an acoustic guitar, violin and almost any other stringed instrument.
Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford´s mission is to ‘Empower people to achieve their cake decorating dreams’ by providing a range of cake decorating courses and online tutorials through their website, which currently teaches 195,000+ students.  
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