Little girl Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Little girl
with Bettina Schliephake-Burchardt
Skill level: Easy
HD Lessons: 7
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1. Preparing flesh tone

In this lesson, Bettina shows us how to prepare the flesh tone sugarpaste, using a mixture of three different Massa Ticino colours.

For the full tutorial see Easy Fairytale models

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2. Making the legs

Bettina shows us how to form the legs for the little girl with some great techniques, where no modelling tools are required.

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3. Making the dress

Here Bettina makes the little girl’s dress, using a very simple and quick method with a large piece of sugarpaste.

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4. Making the apron

Bettina finishes off the dress by adding an adorable little pink apron.

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5. Adding the arms

Bettina makes and adds the arms, with a little edible glue.

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6. Adding the head and hair

Bettina makes the girl’s head, complete with cute smile using a circle cutter, and then shows us how to create a lovely blonde coloured hair, using three different tones mixed together.

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7. Finishing touches

Bettina now finishes the little girl, by adding curly hair to the top of her head and then her eyes.

Bettina Schliephake-Burchardt

Bettina Schliephake-Burchardt

Bettina Schliephake-Burchardt is a trained master pastry chef, running her cake decorating business since 1993 in Hamburg/Germany. The award-winning book author and instructor runs classes for all kind of topics, mostly modelling, basic sugar flowers and Air Brush. She also is a Certified Master Sugar Artist by ICES/USA.
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